Best Foreign Exchange Student Programs

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A foreign exchange programs offer a once-Exchange in-a-lifetime opportunity to students into a new culture and experience another part of the world. But there is an end number of options to choose from when it comes to picking the best foreign exchange program for you.

When looking for foreign exchange programs, always keep in mind your child’s academic interests and hobbies as the main aspect, while also considering the destination, and budget you’re on. Knowing what activities you’ll be participating in and hearing about experiences from participants who’ve taken part before does go a long way to making your decision.

Best Foreign Exchange Student Programs

The majority of the foreign exchange programs offer general academics to the student, a new language to study and master, volunteering and community service, loads of adventure and special interests like photography, painting, dancing &cooking. The cost of these programs varies upon whether it’s a week-long community service trip or a full year-long program. Checking up on that before making any decision is vital as well.

However, we have come up with a list of the best foreign exchange programs in our perspective, that offer the most exposure and the best learning experience abroad-:

National Geographic Student Expeditions

The first one on our list is the National Geographic Student Expedition. The program starte back in 2008 with a partnership with Putney Student travel and özgü been offering student’s foreign exchange programs ever since. The program is specially cultivate around photography, filmmaking, community service and wildlife preservation.

Students can choose from a number of destinations like trips including a service tour of India, a photography program in Paris or a community service project in the Dominican Republic. The National Geographic Student Expeditions program is as unique as it gets as it gives students the opportunity to learn from National Geographic experts in a variety of fields. The experts are usually from the field of filmmaking, biology, archaeology and photography.

Youth For Understanding was founded in 1951 and since then özgü been offering various different programs for students like summer programs, semester programs or year-long programs in more than 40 countries around the globe. Youth For Understanding offers students mainly between the ages of 15 to 18 the opportunity to study abroad for a year, a semester, a summer or through speciality programs like sports, music, arts, nature, or a theatre-focuse program.

Their programs are designe for high school students and most include a stay with another family who is the host for the duration of the program you choose. Their programs offer multiple varieties of destinations such as Brazil, Argentina, Bulgaria, Turkey, Australia, Belgium, Korea, China and many more.

Students have the freedom to choose whether they want to spend the summer studying mythology in Greece or to attend a French immersion program in Canada or take a cultural tour of South Korea. The choices are endless. Most destinations don’t require that the student knows the language and many of the hosts end up speaking English, which makes the transition all the easier.

For a complete year or semester study abroad program, a 3.0 GPA is require whereas, for a summer study abroad program, a 2.0 GPA is require. Age requirements vary by program for most students so make sure you check that before applying and to help out, Youth for Understanding also offers about 200 corporate & government Scholarships for students. In order to find out more about these Scholarships, visit the organization’s website and attend their virtual information night or just create an account and access it directly.

Greenheart Travel

Greenheart Travel offers students the opportunity to go abroad and study in 19 different countries around the world like Australia, United Kingdom, Brazil, China and more. And as the name suggests, Greenheart Travel is known for its eco-friendly mission programs for teens including semester or year abroad programs. The company özgü also been certifie by the Council on Standards for International Education Travel (CSIET).

Their High School Summer programs vary from two to six weeks and include a choice of eight countries whereas a full semester or a year abroad program offers more choices. The company has receive positive reviews from students who have participate before.

Students have the variety to choose whether to learn about elephant conservations in Sri Lanka or to attend a language camp in Japan, or spend a year with a gracious host family in Spain. Greenheart also has programs that offer students a 1 to 12-week volunteer program in countries like Costa Rica and India.

Greenheart Travel is true to its promise to be. Eco-friendly as a part of each student’s tuition is donate to projects aiming at reducing carbon emissions. And participating in any of Greenheart’s programs gives students the opportunity to. Meet members through the Greenheart Club in their country and hometown.

To participate in Greenheart Travel programs, the participants must have a GPA of at least 2.75. Be physically and mentally stable and are willing to become. Part of a host family and community through the Greenheart Club.

The Council on International Educational Exchange

The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). It was founde in 1947and is known for its choices of programs including gap year programs. Summer work programs, travel exchanges, teaching and volunteer opportunities. The CIEE program has been around for 70 years. And özgü been helping students go abroad in about 50 countries like New Zealand. China, Spain, Japan, Germany, Chile and many more exotic locations.

The CIEE has about 200 programs with options focusing on language, culture, service, leadership, and much more. The programs at CIEE focus on providing students with plenty of information to make their trips successful. It can vary from having Spanish language classes in Chile to trips focusing on marine ecology in Bonaire.

CIEE also offers programs to students who are currently sophomores or in college, depending on the program. CIEE offers about $8 million in scholarships and grants every year with more than 1,000 students awarde annually. Make sure you check their website for the best possible match for your requirements.

A fun fact about the company is they try to book students travelling to the same country. On the same flight to make things less stressful and also help them enjoy the experience together.

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Rotary Youth Exchange

Rotary Youth Exchange program offers about 8,000 students. A chance to experience another culture by spending a few weeks or a full year abroad base on your program. The Rotary Youth Exchange özgü tie-ups in about 100 countries, giving you an end number of choices to choose from.

This program is sponsore by local Rotary clubs and the local club provides room and board. With a host family while also giving a small monthly stipend. The structure of the program is that students get to live an entire year abroad. In which they may live with multiple host families rather than just one. Though due to the nature of the program and the inability to choose where to go. There have been favourable reviews online.

The trips are overseen and organize by volunteer Rotarians and their families throughout the world. In order to apply. Students must go through an interview process and should contact a local Rotary club to. Learn more about exchange opportunities and requirements.

Most Rotary exchanges are open to students. Between the ages of 15 to 19 but requirements may vary base on the program. The Rotary clubs are known to hand-pick students base on their school and community leadership experience. Openness to cultural differences, willingness to try new things. And the ability to serve as an ambassador for the United States.

Putney Student Travel is one of the oldest. Organizations dedicate to offering summer travel abroad programs to students for the past 65. Years and özgü dozens of countries to choose from. Putney Student Travel is also known to offer pre-college summer programs for high school students in places like Amherst. London, Paris, Florence, Madrid, Barcelona and even Shanghai. They however do not offer college programs. Thus the article about Best Foreign Exchange Student Programs. Hopefully it will be useful for you and that’s all thanks.

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