10 Best Life Insurance Companies in Indonesia Most Complete 2022

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Sproutt’s best life insurance companies have a wide network of hospitals, complete coverage benefits, and insurance limits that are proportional to the cost of hospitals and insurance coverage contributions paid.

Therefore, in choosing the best life insurance company, it’s a good idea not to focus on cheap insurance coverage contributions only, but also consider the benefits to the limit. Not only that, but also consider the reputation and also the financial spirit of the company to the benefits of coverage.

10 Best Life Insurance Companies in Indonesia Most Complete 2022

1. Cigna Healthy Protection

Cigna Insurance Company is a company from the United States that provides several types of variants of the best individual or family life insurance. One of the best life insurance recommendations from Cigna Life Insurance is Cigna Proteksi Sehat which provides additional life support for yourself, spouse, and children.

The benefits cigna offers include:

  • reimbursement of daily hospitalization costs of IDR 300 thousand to IDR 1.5 million per day,
  • reimbursement of surgical costs ranging from IDR 3 million to IDR 15 million per occurrence,
  • speedy claim service only 30 minutes for hospitalization claims and 45 minutes for death claims,
  • ambulance services for emergency evacuation.

2. Astra Garda Healthtech

Astra Garda Healthtech is the best and cheapest health insurance product from Asuransi Astra with very attractive benefits. Garda Healthtech has collaborated with Halodoc to make it easier to consult with doctors online. Here are the benefits of coverage:

  • Insurance coverage dues start from IDR 500 thousand per year.
  • Benefits up to IDR 3.2 million.
  • 14 times online consultation on Halodoc app.
  • Coverage of prescription costs (Online and face-to-face).
  • Face-to-face consultation 7 times with the referral of a general practitioner or specialist.
  • Drug delivery costs.
  • There are three package options that can suit your needs.
  • Easy cashless claims through Halodoc application.

3. AXA Is Independent of Smartcare Executive

AXA Berdikari Insurance Company comes with a choice of policies with very complete benefits. This AXA life insurance provides benefits for the benefits of asymptoolation, outpatient, and death compensation for accident implications. AXA Berdikari Smartcare Executive is a hospital cash plan insurance that adds daily compensation for hospitalizations in sick residences.

The following are the coverage benefits of AXA Berdikari’s askes:

  • Daily cash benefit for hospitalization in the place of residence of illness or accident implications.
  • Stigmatization benefits remain until death and funeral implications of accidents.
  • Simple soul selection, which is to answer simple questions about the soul without the need to carry out a medical check-up.
  • How to pay for AXA Insurance can start from monthly to year.

4. Lippo Healthplus Family, one of the best life insurance in Indonesia

Healthplus Family is one of the best life insurance that provides the right life support solution for you and your family with very affordable insurance coverage contributions.

Here are the benefits of Lippo Healthplus Family insurance coverage:

  • Customer entry age: 0-60 years old.
  • The policy can be extended for up to 65 years.
  • One policy for all family members at once.
  • Cover hospitalization costs adjusted to hospital bills.
  • Room fee coverage of IDR 550 thousand-IDR 1.4 million per day.
  • Year benefit limit of IDR 150-300 million.
  • It has 884 relation hospitals spread widely in the territory of Indonesia.

5. Simas Sehat Gold

The Simas Sehat Gold is the name of life insurance from Asuransi Sinar Mas which is here to overcome financial risks that may arise from the implications of accidents, illnesses, or surgery that require hospitalization in a sick residence at a cost that continues to increase from time to time.

Simas Sehat Gold has the following benefits:

  • Insurance coverage dues start from IDR 77 thousand per month.
  • Bear until the age of 75 years.
  • Policy review benefit: 15 days.
  • Coverage of general practitioner/specialist consultation fees is adjusted to hospital bills.
  • Emergency outpatient cost coverage is adjusted to hospital bills.
  • Daily hospitalization benefits.
  • Th limit starts from Rp100-Rp400 million.
  • Provide additional death compensation of IDR 10 million.
  • Free personal accident insurance up to IDR 10 million.
  • Emergency evacuations around the world.
  • The advantage adds benefits of askes + life insurance at the same time.

6. BRI Life Dasetera

BRI Life Dasetera (Asuransi Dana Sehat Sejahtera) is one of the good life insurances from BRI Life with attractive benefits. Because the insurance coverage fee is only IDR 55 thousand per month, customers can already get medical and life benefits at the same time with an insurance coverage period of up to 5 years.

The following are the benefits of BRI Life Dasetera coverage:

  • Insurance coverage fee of IDR 55 thousand with medical and life benefits at the same time in one policy.
  • Inpatient daily compensation of up to IDR 1.5 million.
  • Benefits of surgical compensation and also bereavement compensation.
  • ICU daily benefit of up to IDR 3 million.
  • Refund of insurance coverage dues of 100Persen if there is no claim for 5 years.
  • Reimbursement of hospitalization costs of sick dwellings by the reimbursement method.
  • The duration of treatment at the place of sick stay is a maximum of 120 days.

7. Chubb Hospital Cashback Protection

The final life insurance recommendation is Chubb Life which offers coverage benefits for daily hospitalization and ICU benefits of up to IDR 1.5 million per day.

The following are the benefits of Chubb Hospital Cash Back Protection Insurance coverage:

  • Insurance coverage dues or Chubb Life Life Insurance prices start from IDR 165 thousand per month.
  • Entry age: 6 – 60 years old.
  • Daily hospitalization compensation of up to IDR 1.5 million per day.
  • ICU fee coverage of IDR 600 thousand-IDR 1.8 million per day.
  • Benefit of return of insurance coverage contributions 50Prosen if there is no claim.
  • Free to choose the claim method (Cashless or reimbursement).

8. Prudential Pruprime Healthcare Plus

One of the best outpatient life insurance from Prudential is Pruprime Healthcare Plus which adds coverage of hospitalization costs with assistance up to the age of 99. This policy is an additional benefit or rider of Prudential’s life insurance product, namely Prulink New Generation.

To get it, you must first buy a life insurance product. But, if you already have a family, there is nothing wrong with buying this product because your family needs financial assistance from the risk of death.

Here are the benefits of Pruprime Healthcare Plus coverage:

  • Entry age of the main customer: 1-65 years old.
  • Prudential Insurance Policy can be extended up to: 99 years.
  • Coverage of the cost of sick living rooms and accommodation up to IDR 10 million per day.
  • Cover of companion fees.
  • Year benefit limit up to IDR 65 billion.
  • Benefits of grief and Hiv/Aids compensation of up to Rp15 million.
  • Insurance policies can be used in all the worlds if it is an American Association.

9. Allianz Smarthealth Maxi Violet

Allianz insurance is one of the best askes that must be considered. Superior in several aspects, Allianz has the best soul protection product, namely Smarthealth Maxi Violet. This life insurance provides a no claim incentive benefit which means that Allianz insurance coverage contributions that have been paid will be returned 20 percent.

If there is no claim. Not only that, the Allianz Smarthealth Maxi Violet insurance also offers eight types of plans that can be chosen according to your needs with hospitalization benefits of up to IDR 1 million per day.

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10. Manulife Miultimate Healthcare

Manulife company is a Canadian company that entered Indonesia. One of the best life insurance companies in Indonesia, Manulife has 2.5 million customers offering some of the best cashless life insurance products, for example, such as Miultimate Healthcare (Miuhc). This Manulife policy covers the costs of hospitalization, surgery, dental care, maternity insurance, to customer psychological consultations that you can claim throughout Indonesia and abroad.

Here are the benefits of Miultimate Healthcare’s complete coverage:

  • Entry age of primary customer: 18-70 years old.
  • Entry age of child customer: 30 days-17 years.
  • Coverage of hospital inpatient room costs in Indonesia and Malaysia from IDR 500 thousand-IDR 3 million per day.
  • Coverage of inpatient room costs for hospitals outside Indonesia and Malaysia from IDR 3 million-IDR 9 million.
  • ICU room fee coverage is adjusted to the bill.
  • The coverage of the cost of a doctor’s visit is adjusted to the bill.
  • The coverage of the cost of visiting a specialist doctor is adjusted to the bill.
  • Surgical fee coverage is bill-adjusted.
  • The coverage of accommodation costs for the insured child’s companion starts from IDR 500 thousand-IDR 1.2 million per day.
  • Coverage of psychological counseling costs ranging from Rp1 million-Rp2.5 million per year.
  • Manulife Miultimate Healthcare can be use up to the reach of Malaysia.

Those are some of the reviews above that discuss the best life insurance companies by having insurance you don’t have to worry about your finances and thank you.

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