Want to Invest in Gold? Know In Advance The Following Tips

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Precious metals or gold is a practical investment and easy to do by anyone. For those of you who have medium or long-term goals, such as sending your child to a higher level or buying a house, gold investment is the key. The reason is, gold provides an advantage, namely a fairly promising yield at least within five years, it is easy to dilute it, and the price tends to rise. Even if it goes down, the value is insignificant.

In general, gold on the market comes from PT Aneka Tambang (Antam) and PT Untung Bersama Sejahtera (UBS). Most people make investments using these two products. The price difference between the two is not too far away (UBS gold is slightly lower) and the level is the same, which is 99.99%. However, Antam gold is internationally certified and recognized by the London Bullion Market Association while UBS gold is nationally certified from PT UBS. However, the buyback price is almost the same.

For those of you who have established gold investment, see the following tips to get the best gold investment.

Tips Before Buying Gold

When you have established your heart to invest in gold, you need to know the following tips before buying gold.

Gold Price Check

Before buying, check the price of gold today on the official website of Antam Gold Boutique, Pawnshop, marketplace, and trusted gold stores. There, there is usually information on the price of gold per gram, half a gram, five grams, two grams, up to 100 grams. Compare the price and check the latest economic news, especially about gold because, domestic gold prices are influenced by the world gold price.

Choose How to Invest

After checking the price of gold, choose how to invest. You can choose to invest by buying directly at Antam Gold Boutique or a trusted gold store, gold savings at Pawnshop, or through in the marketplace. What’s the difference?

The advantages of buying gold in the physical form, you can immediately take it home or store it at home. If it is gold savings, you can buy in installments or save money according to your ability, and the savings system will convert money into gold (grams). If you want physical gold, you have to pay the printing fee.

Whichever way you choose, investing is one way of managing finances. So that your future and your family are guaranteed. In addition, another component of managing finances that is no less important is to have self-protection. In other words, you are advised to have insurance with investment benefits.

This has been done by the PRULink Investment Fund from Prudential Indonesia. Investment Funds allow you to choose Premiums or Contributions invested into different types of funds, ranging from stock portfolios, fixed income, and others. The goal is insurance protection as well as investment.

Select How to Store

Especially for those of you who buy physical gold, the item can be stored in a safety box at home, safe deposit box at the bank, store in Pawnshop, or take advantage of the LM Safe service from Antam.

Gold Melting Time

When is the right time to melt gold? It depends on your purpose. If the goal has been achieved, immediately thaw it. But if you want a fairly tempting return, at least keep gold for five years. Just for advice, you should buy gold in fractions of one gram. The reason is, small fractions are easier to thaw than 50 grams.

4 Domestic Companies That Produce Gold Bullion

After knowing the tips before buying gold, you need to know about domestic companies engaged in gold production. Companies that produce gold bullion are easily recognizable. How?

The trick is that we just look at the gold. They deliberately printed it. Let it exist you know. Interestingly, although both produce gold at the same level, the price can be different from one company and another. Therefore, it is also important for you to know before investing in gold. So you can buy the cheapest one.

UBS Gold

Has anyone ever heard of UBS gold? Although less popular with Antam gold, UBS gold is worth investing in. By choosing UBS gold, you will enjoy several advantages. For example, UBS gold usually has a wider dimension than Antam gold.

Ordering UBS gold is also fast, it can be less than a month. One more thing, there is no difference between the gold produced last year and the current year. UBS itself stands for PT Untung Bersama Sejahtera (UBS). They are a private company established in Surabaya in 1981. Initially UBS started its business as a cottage industry under the name CV Untung. However, in 1991, the name was changed to PT UBS.

Now UBS gold has been sold in more than 20 gold stores in Indonesia. To attract public interest, PT UBS also launched a number of jewelry brands, such as Starshine, EG, Kasandra, Venus, to Basic Chain.

King Halim

Listen to the name that uses English, you must think this gold comes from abroad. In fact, King Halim is a gold company from Mojokerto, East Java. For them, “Our customer deserves the very best”. PT King Halim was established in 1981 and currently has a production plant in the Ngoro Industri Persada (NIP) industrial area in Mojokerto. Although it sounds like a foreign name, King Halim is a native Indonesian gold producer company. King Halim currently employs about 1,500 people.

PT King Halim is also the only gold producer to adopt Italian influence in gold production. Starting from the use of technology, production methodology, jewelry design, to the design and layout of the factory also follows Italian fashion. No wonder it is also getting recognition from the world.

All stages of production ranging from pre-smelting, manufacturing, hand assembly, finishing and wastewater treatment are carried out professionally at their factory in Mojokerto. King Halim’s gold design varies. Until now there are 14 designs offered from the image of the Taj Mahal, Dragon, Jesus, to the wonders of the world. Everything is suitable for gold investments.


Another gold producer from Surabaya, his name is Hartono Wira Tanik or HWT. The gold company, which was established in 1988, has been a sponsor of the Putri Indonesia beauty event since 2007 until now.

With more than 47 years of experience, HWT has not only succeeded in producing gold bars, but also various types of beautiful jewelry with various types of elegant models. In 2017, HWT successfully launched its latest jewelry product with the theme Korean style under the name Hana & Yoori.

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If this one company is certainly very familiar to you because the increase or decrease in the price of gold here is always covered by the media. No wonder because this one gold supplier company is a state-owned company aka BUMN. As a gold producer, Antam has its own unit called Precious Metals. This business unit specializes in processing and gold, silver, and platinum.

In terms of gold, PT Antam has its own unit called Precious Metals. This unit is a business unit of processing and refining gold, silver, and platinum. Actually, this unit has existed since 1937 under the name OF PT Logam Mulia. It was not until 1968 that he joined Antam.

As a gold producer, Antam Precious Metals Unit has bagged a number of accreditations. One of them is the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) which was obtained in 1999. With this certificate, Antam gold no longer needs to be doubted its authenticity. It could be this is why the price of Antam gold is a benchmark for the selling and buying price of gold in the country.

Well, that was a tip for those of you who want to plunge into gold investment. Good luck!

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