4 Best and Most Trusted Cars Insurance in Indonesia

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Owning a car is a dream for everyone. The car that is already owned must of course be maintained as well as possible so that it can be driven comfortably and conducively. Therefore, with the best cars insurance you can use it when you lose or have damage.

In addition, car maintenance must also be considered so that the value of the car does not fall, considering that the car is a moving asset that can experience a decrease in value as you get older. Not only that, driving by car is also vulnerable to the risk of accidents that can occur at any time. For that, you need the best cars insurance to maintain and protect the car from all kinds of risks and losses.

4 Best and Most Trusted Cars Insurance in Indonesia

Basically, cars insurance is an insurance product that provides provisions that cover all models of the risk of damage to the car, including minor, severe damage or loss of the entire implications of theft.

Currently, there are many insurance companies that offer a choice of the best car insurance products and are claimed to be the best. There are many benefits that can be obtained when you take part in cars insurance. One of them is to avoid the loss of the implications of accidents and theft.

Not only that, cars insurance is also useful for covering the cost of car repairs in the event of damage, providing additional support or protection in the event of a car loss of theft implications, helping to map and plan finances, providing a sense of calm and conduciveness in driving, and also helping to solve if there is an emergency problem with the car.

Of course, the cost of insurance coverage contributions incurred is much smaller than the losses you will bear if unexpected things happen to the car, such as accidents, damage, or theft. Broadly speaking, the types of car insurance styles are divided into 2 models, namely:

TLO (Overall Loss Only)

Overall loss only cars insurance is insurance that provides additional relief coverage when the car loses the implications of theft or damage occurs with a repair value equal to or more than 75 Percent of the price of the vehicle when the damage occurs. If the damage to the car is less than 75 percent of the overall price of the vehicle before the damage occurs, then the application for an insurance claim will be rejected.

All Risk

All-risk cars insurance is insurance that provides additional assistance and also full financing when the car is damaged largely and small. Not only that, the best all-risk car insurance also adds help when the car is lost with exclusive conditions. The cost of all-risk insurance coverage contributions is greater than that of TLO because there are greater benefits and provisions.

What are the options available to choose good car insurance as the best gift for your vehicle? Well, for those of you who are looking for the best car insurance in Indonesia. Here’s a list that has been summarized for you to choose. No need to worry about calculating with a cars insurance calculator because some of the options below also include the cheapest car insurance options.

1. The Best Car Insurance from Jasaraharja Putera

What is the first best cars insurance? Jasaraharja Putera is the best car insurance in 2020 which presents Jp-Astor (Motor Vehicle Insurance) service products. Jp-Astor can guarantee the risks of damage and or loss of the vehicle itself. There are two scopes of accountability or support provided by Jp-Astor, namely TLO and all risk.

Both of them have insurance coverage costs or car insurance prices that are relatively cheaper so that the car insurance produced by Jasaraharja Putera deserves to be one of the best car insurance in Indonesia. Not only that, its wide coverage in various regions in the country also makes this state-owned social-based insurance (Bumn) the best car insurance in Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Bandung, and other places.

2. Sinar Mas Car Insurance

The choice of the best and cheapest cars insurance recommendations finally fell on Sinar Mas or which was also written as Sinarmas car insurance with its superior product called Simasnet. By having Simasnet insurance, you can run claims directly to an authorized repair shop if there is damage to the car.

This insurance provides online insurance services that provide additional support guarantees for combined insurance products (Comprehensive) up to the age of the car 10 years. Meanwhile, the Overall Loss Only (Tlo) guarantee provides additional collateral up to the age of the car of 20 years.

Terms and ways to be able to buy this insurance product, you need the following documents:

  • Photocopy of Ktp/Sim/Kitas
  • Photocopy of STNK
  • Other documents referring to the selected relief model (According to the request of the insurance company)

After approving the complete documents and submitting them to the insurance company, prospective customers are required to pay insurance coverage contributions to get support adjusted to the cost of cars insurance and also the type of support agreed in the policy. Previously, customers could also request a simulation of cars insurance in order to get a complete image of the insurance to be purchased.

3. Garda Oto Insurance

The Garda Oto Insurance is also the best car insurance that offers insurance claims through 4 channels. Namely Garda Mobile Otocare through the application. Garda Access 24 hours via telephone, online claims via web site. And also Strategic Service Units in various shopping centers spread across all regions of Indonesia.

This Garda Oto as a subsidiary of Asuransi Astra Buana provides additional cars insurance services with all-risk to the best types of car insurance. With additional third-party responsibility features, as well as riot expansion and also natural forces.

Not only that. It also adds additional service features in the form of the Garda Mobile Otocare Application. Which makes it easier for you to choose the location of the car repair shop and also provide vehicle pick-up and drop-off services to the workshop. Repair services at all Garda workshops, 24-hour emergency services, 24-hour standby call centers, a 6-month workshop warranty. And also an online policy that is issued within 1×24 hours.

Ways to buy Garda Oto car insurance include:

  • Enter the gardaoto.com site page
  • Fill in personal and vehicle data then complete all the required documents
  • Select the desired payment method
  • Activate the policy by conducting a vehicle survey at the selected location
  • Electronic policy (E-Policy) will be sent via email a maximum of 1×24 hours after the survey is approved

4. Allianz Utama Indonesia Insurance

For those of you who have Honda, Kia, Daihatsu, Suzuki, and other cars. You can buy cars insurance at Allianz, including for the best Toyota car insurance options. Allianz is an insurance provider that is already considered by the world. In Indonesia, Allianz has a Mobilku insurance product that provides three comprehensive packages that can be chosen according to your needs.

The first best cars insurance package. This is the Allianz Mobilku Grand which adds the most complete vehicle relief solution for all damages and thefts. There is also an Allianz Mobilku ECO product that offers cheaper insurance coverage fees. And also Allianz Mobilku Suka-Suka which provides additional insurance package options tailored to customer wishes. Some of the features provided by the best vehicle insurance from Allianz include 24-hour emergency assistance, flood relief. A 24-hour workshop network, and also third-party legal liability.

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5. Adira Autocillin’s Best Car Insurance

Another best cars insurance that you can choose is Adira Insurance or Autocillin Auto Insurance. This insurance provides additional guarantees on the car. In the form of comprehensive or overall loss-only collateral with different cars insurance coverage costs. According to the type of guarantee chosen.

Autocillin is equipped with the best service features such as Emergency Roadside Assistance. Which is ready to be on standby within 24 hours. Autocillin Mobile Claim Application which simplifies the insurance claim process. And also Autocillin Mobile Service which adds guaranteed cars service services to customers with an easy process.

Each Autocillin insurance product has a different price or insurance coverage contribution depending on the product chosen. To apply for an insurance purchase. You can stop by the nearest Adira directly or do it online only through the Adira website.

Thus, some reviews from articles that discuss the best cars insurance use this insurance. It’s mean to support the goodness of your car and thank you.

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