Experiencing Financial Problems, the Right Steps

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Experiencing these Financial Problems is not a trivial matter. from some surveys say that most people who feel stressed in the face of financial problems. As a result, they face stress suffering from depression, unable to concentrate, and difficulty sleeping.

How about whether you want to Experience Financial Problems. But if you really experience these problems, there is no need to worry. There are several effective steps that can be taken to reduce the level of personal stress that you are currently experiencing.

Experiencing Financial Problems, the Right Steps are Very Dangerous If Left Alone

This will help you to better overcome the problem and prevent worse health problems due to stress. Curious about how to do it, try to follow the explanation of the steps to deal with the Financial Problem below:

Steps to Deal with Financial Problems

·         Take a Deep Breath

Start by looking for a dim and quiet place so that you have about 10 minutes to relax. Sit or lie in the most comfortable position and let your mind feel calm.

Next close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Do it this way for 10 minutes. If 10 minutes have passed, open your eyes slowly and feel a better difference within you. Focusing on breathing will refresh the body and mind.

·         Start Planning and Way Out

If the mind and body are calmer, then the next step is to make a plan and solve the problem. You can ask for help from experts and apply their improvement suggestions. Think of the help of a financial expert as an investment to get a better financial future.

Financial experts will usually give a realistic view of the current financial condition. They will explain how to overcome problems, how to reduce current debt, and advise you to be wiser in managing finances or dealing with financial problems.

Getting used to investing is one of the wise steps to manage a budget. It is possible that so far you have not been used to investing and prefer to spend money, you must learn to control expenses.

·         Waiting for a Clear Mind

It takes time for the current financial situation to be better than before. If your mind is still unstable with financial problems, then you should wait until your mind becomes calmer.

This method will help you to overcome the problem more clearly and not involve emotions in it. the above step is a very effective way to do when facing the current bad financial situation.

Bad Impact on the Body If It Does Not Face Financial Problems

1.      The Emergence of Fight Response and Flight Response

When we are faced with a threat or suppression, the amygdala (part of the chamber system inside the human brain) will cause stress hormones, namely adrenaline and cortisol. The hormone will then cause a fight response (perform an action when under threat) or flight response (avoiding or running away from the threat).

The same thing when you are faced by predators in the wild, stress that occurs due to financial problems as well, can trigger such reactions.

Aimee Daramus, a clinical psychology from Chicago, United States explained that Fight and flight response are very draining in our bodies. This can cause tense muscles to severe pain. It can also damage immune system function and make you more susceptible to many other diseases.

2.      You Make Bad Decisions, Even Though You Know

When you experience stress or pressure from financial conditions, your ability to be able to choose good things will be impaired, even if you are a typical rational person. When under pressure, blood flow and electrical activity in the brain will decrease in the frontal lobe as well as the prefrontal cortex and will increase in the amygdala (part of the chamber system inside the human brain)

Therefore, if you are under pressure, the amygdala will hijack the mechanism of rational thinking and will prepare a super-fast response to respond to a threat that can lead to bad decision making.

The Emergence of Anxiety, Depression and Other Mental Health Problems.

Being confused in the face of financial problems can cause anxiety. Given that money is an indispensable part of our lives, constant worry will lead to more serious psychological symptoms.

According to Carle Marie Manly, Clinical Psychology from California, United States. When we are stressed about finances, we can become very anxious and even depressed.

For example being burdened by large amounts of debt, it has been shown to have a huge impact on mental health. Even in some serious cases, directing the mind to self-harm.

A survey by The Ascent of American financial problems can interfere with a person’s happiness and confidence. This is evident from 38% of respondents who said that financial problems made them sleep poorly at night, 48% said financial problems affected their spirits, 47% said financial problems lowered their confidence.

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·         Chronic Stress Causes Serious Physical Illness

Carle Marie Manly reiterated that chronic stress can cause more serious damage. When the level of adrenaline and cortisol continues to increase, physical damage will occur. As a result, many of those who suffer from chronic stress have greater rates of heart disease, diabetes, chronic sleep problems and other health problems.

·         Risk of Drug Abuse

It turns out that experiencing chronic stress, especially in financial problems, can result in increasing addiction to certain drugs, you know.

For example, one of the studies conducte for the School of Public Health at New York University found a direct link between increase financial stress and alcoholism and smoking addiction, especially among adult men. High levels of stress have also been found to be predictors of continue use of opiates, such as heroin.

·         Don’t Let Money Problems Interfere with Your Health

To prevent the above conditions from happening when you are struggling financially, you can take several effective steps that you can do, such as:

  • Do Some Meditation

Do meditation or therapy with an expert: If you are experiencing a decline in mental health due to financial problems and stress, immediately visit a truste therapist.

You can also do meditation by looking for a dim and quiet place. Start by sitting or lying in the most comfortable position and let your mind feel calm.

Next close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Do this for about 10 minutes. If 10 minutes pass, open your eyes slowly. Focusing on breathing will certainly refresh your body and mind.

  • Make a Way Out Plan

Make a plan and a way out: After the mind and body have calme down, the next step you have to implement is to make a plan and a solution to the problems you face. You can ask financial experts for help to get good and rational financial planning or management.

·         One of the wise steps to manage your finances is to do investing activities.

Maybe, if you currently have financial problems. Such as going into debt because you prefer to spend money on unnecessary expenses. Don’t let financial problems worsen your current situation. Face the problem calmly and remember that the way out will always be there.

The even more important thing is to evaluate the mistakes. Made in the past and promise not to repeat the wrong actions. Do not forget to always evaluate the mistakes made in the past and commit not to repeat the mistakes that will lead you to actions that will harm yourself.

Thus the review of Experiencing Financial Problems. Don’t let the problem if you don’t want to experience some of the impacts that we have informe above. But if it has happene, take a good look at the information above. Hopefully it can get out of the problem you are experiencing.

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