Want to Know How to Finance Home Construction

financialtreat – will explain about want to know how to finance home construction that you will get in the following article. let’s look at this article carefully!

Many people yearn to have their own home, right? Of course, there are ways to get that, starting from buying a house to building a house from scratch. this time we will provide tips on How to Finance Home Construction. keep listening so that your wishes are realized.

When you choose to buy a finished house, everything is more practical. All kinds of activities, specifications to home designs are available. namu wait for the concept to belong to the developer. Not necessarily what we want according to your needs. so the purchased result only has limited modification space. namu there are tips, how come you continue to see the review below.

How to Finance Home Construction, Let’s Follow Tips for a Bright Future

Building a house is the right choice if you want a dream house with a design that involves from start to finish. the design until the concept can be adjusted to your wants and needs.

But Building this house was indeed a little difficult at first and took patience. but building a house of one’s own accord seems to give oneself satisfaction as a homeowner. If you still have doubts about building your own house, let’s look at the advantages of building a house from scratch.

Advantages of Building a House from Scratch

1.      Can adjust to taste

As a homeowner, you can build a house according to your taste or desire. Starting from the design design, concept, size to furniture that can be modified by yourself. It all depends on your taste.

To make the results better, it is better to consult with a trusted designer before construction begins. Also take advantage of all kinds of references to make the house even better.

2.      No surprises lead to disappointment

This seems to be a scourge for the residents of the house who buy a finished house. Starting from moldy walls, winged materials, to electrical conditions to waterways that turned out to have deteriorated.

Such conditions can lead to disappointment until finally having to increase the financial burden of having to fix damaged partitions. Well, some of the surprises above you will definitely not encounter if you build a house from scratch.

3.      Cost according to budget

It’s another thing with buying a house so, you will be pushed with a definite budget. If you build your own house, at least the construction cost can be adjusted to the existing budget.

Want to have a luxurious or minimalist residence? All can be arranged from the prepared funds. Even if the budget is really limited, the construction of the house can be as much as possible, then it can be upgraded slowly until the dream house is realized.

4.      The price of land is cheaper than the finished house

Please note, the price of land can be said to be cheaper than buying a finished house. If your budget does not have enough funds, then the land can be bought first.  As mentioned above, the decision to build a house does require patience, so it is suitable for those of you who are not in a hurry to occupy a house.

Furthermore, the information that you should not miss is the Stages of Building a House, let’s see what the stages are.

Stages of Building a House

Before building a house, there is one thing that should not be missed, which is to ensure the stages carefully. Starting from the initial construction to finishing because everything must be related to the budget and don’t stop in the middle. Want to know what are the correct stages in building a house? Here’s the full explanation.

1.      Initial work

At the initial stage, you have to determine the position of the building as well as its boundaries. Then determine the point of the building by creating a fence boundary. Can use boards or ropes hooked to nails planted in the ground.

Then make a foundation excavation by calculating its width and depth. The foundation of the building should be calculated in detail, usually in square meters.

2.      Structure and foundation

After it has been calculated at the initial work stage, then proceed with the installation of the foundation from kali stone. Then make a working floor in the form of a sand heap of a certain thickness.  Then create a building structure with the installation of a sloof or horizontal reinforced concrete blocks made on top of the foundation. The calculation is the total length of the sloof x width x height = unit m3.

Also make a column that is a perpendicular pole on the sloof and Ring Balk that resembles a sloof, but is built on a column whose volume calculation is determined from the number of columns multiplied by the height of the column.

3.      finance home construction: Wall mounting

The next stage is the installation of walls with brick or adobe. The size is adjusted to the needs. Then apply cement stucco whose volume is twice as high as the volume of the brick laying.  Then the acian whose area is the same as the calculation of stucco, but minus the plane that does not need to be sifted for the wall to be installed ceramic.

4.      Work on frames, doors and windows

After the walls are installed, do not forget to make room for the design of frames, windows and doors. This installation must be accompanied by the installation of keys and handles for the hook so that there are no errors when the work process is complete. Make sure everything can work aka opening and closing properly.

5.      Roof frame

After that, the installation of the roof frame continued. The frame can be chosen from steel or wood according to the budget. Calculate the estimated costs incurred either wood or steel along with the amount. Also pay attention to some necessary accessories.

6.      Electrical work and other fittings

At this stage, the construction process is almost complete. Friends must install waterways and faucets for further work such as sinks, toilets, bathrooms and so on.  Then install electrical installations, lamp layouts, plugs and various electrical connections in each room to the yard if needed.

7.      Finishing

This finishing work is more about refining the interior paint layer, sills, roof, to the exterior paint of the walls of the house and windows.

8.      Exterior and cleaning

The construction process is almost complete, now it’s time to move to the exterior. For example, the installation of fences, canopies to garages needs to be considered in building a comfortable house. When everything is settled, don’t forget to clean up the debris, residual paint and buildings both the yard and the interior of the house until it looks comfortable and worthy of occupancy.

Tips for Building a House and Estimating its Costs

It is not impossible that the money that has been prepared is actually sold out halfway. Therefore, it must be carefully calculated. Here are some tips when building a house so that it doesn’t make your pockets break.


Consult your wants and needs for the house to be built to the architect or someone who is an expert in this field. If you can, don’t just come to one architect. It may take several surveys to an expert person. Reveal the budget you have and what kind of design will be worked on later. This at least can help you in making careful planning and according to the budget.

finance home construction: Uncomplicated design

Complicated house designs will certainly take more money and time. Therefore, if the budget is limited, a minimalist home design can be the right choice. In order to be more efficient in making a room, it is better to expand the multifunctional space to minimize the cost of building materials and time. For example, combining a kitchen with a dining room and a family room that is only separated by a partition.

Surveys and research on the price of building materials

You must know the price of materials and building materials needed. Do this before forming a construction team and record the price to find out the comparison. This method is usually used to prevent the budget from running out suddenly because there is a rogue or fraudulent construction team. Double-check the invoice or purchase invoice if possible. Check again if there are any indications of unreasonable costs.

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Find an efficient construction team

In building a house, it will usually be faced with a construction team whose services are paid in bulk or daily. Consider this carefully. It can be seen from the actions of the team or the head of the team, whether the work is dexterous and professional or there are some new people who actually hinder to make the work of building a house drag on.

finance home construction: Cost estimation

Calculating the estimated cost in building a house can be calculated by the size of the house itself. The size of the house should be determined from the very beginning of planning. Building a house usually uses an estimated cost per square meter. For example, the size of the house; length x width (30 m x 10 m)= 300 square meters. The total construction cost is RP4 million per square meter.

Total budget = Size of the house x total building cost per square meter. So from the example above, it costs approximately IDR 1.2 billion. However, this calculation is not absolute, because there are still several other calculations used based on the type of house building ranging from small, medium to large houses.

This calculation is relatively rough because each contractor has a different price list. At least for simple house types, the cost per square meter is IDR 2 million to IDR 3 million. For medium houses, it is IDR 3 million – IDR 4 million, while luxury houses range from IDR 5 million. The total stays just multiply by the size of the house per square meter.

Thus the review of How to Finance the Construction of a House both a ready-made house and building a house from scratch. The key information above is patient because building a house cannot be done in a hurry until it can be habitable. Hopefully, the above review is useful.

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