Let’s Check It Out! Financial Advisor Salary in Various Fields

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Every financial advisor or has dreams about their own ideal workplace and salary. However, the fact is, not all jobs can promise a large financial advisor salary, even for people with no experience who have just graduated from school/college.

Generally, the S1 financial advisor salary standard is the UMP (Provincial Minimum Wage), it can be less or less than that. As work time and experience increase, the nominal salary can also increase, even to the point of exceeding the UMR (Regional Minimum Wage). However, there are some companies with quite attractive financial advisor salary offers, what are they?

Let’s Check It Out! Financial Advisor Payroll in Various Fields

Top Financial Advisor Payroll By Field 2021

Some companies in various fields offer different financial advisor salaries. Here’s a list of the highest financial advisor salaries of 2021.

1. Mining and Petroleum Sector

The first highest salary of a financial advisor is mining and petroleum work. As is known that Indonesia is a country with an abundant source of mining power. Such a situation is connected to opportunities for diverse jobs in mining and petroleum.

If you are a graduate of mining engineering, petroleum, or related to it, the opportunity to work in mining and petroleum has the potential to get the highest financial advisor salary.

The average salary of a financial advisor in the mining and petroleum sector ranges from Rp. 8 million to Rp. 15 million. If you work in an international mining and petroleum company, the potential salary that can be obtained is up to IDR 20 million.

Below is a list of mining and petroleum companies along with the amount of salary

  • CNOOC has an S1 financial advisor salary standard of IDR 5 million to 10 million.
  • Pt. Chevron Pacific Indonesia with an average financial advisor salary between Rp. 6 million to Rp. 15 million.
  • Pt. Pertamina Indonesia provides additional salaries for new graduates in the amount of Rp. 4 million to Rp. 8 million.
  • Tately N.V provides a standard s1 financial advisor salary of Rp8 million to Rp18 million.

2. Marketing and Creative Fields

If you are a recent graduate from the marketing and creative field, then you have a great opportunity to work in the creative industry. Especially now that the job position is needed by various companies and businessmen.

The salary of the financial advisor offered is not half-hearted. The standard salary of financial advisors is S1 in the field of marketing and creative in the range of IDR 3 million to 40 million. It depends on the type of company you work for.

If you work in the creative industry at a local company or small start-up, then the average salary of a financial advisor follows the MSE policy of each place. But if you are accepted into a national to international scale company, the salary of new graduates offered can reach Rp. 40 million per month.

3. Education

The first thing when hearing the work of the field of education is teachers and lecturers. If you come from an education major and are interested in becoming an educator, don’t worry about the small salary. Because the average salary of financial advisors for educators standing ASN (State Civil Force) is Rp. 4 million to Rp. 8 million. It depends on the level of your civil servant standing class.

If you work at a school or university, the salary of a new graduate of education is no less large. Moreover, there are non-public schools that add wages to educators more than public schools. For example, schools with international status.

4. Economics and Management

You, fresh graduates of economics and management, want to get a big salary? Surely you can! Because there are so many jobs from the department. The standard salary of financial advisors S1 Economics and Management can reach double digits.

First, jobs engaged in financial services offer wages from the level of MSEs up to Rp. 20 million per month. Some financial services companies such as banks dare to pay new graduates with high salaries.

The following is a list of companies along with the amount of salary.

  • National banks have an average financial advisor salary of Rp 4 million to Rp 20 million.
  • The bank provides additional salaries ranging from Rp 5 million to Rp 20 million.
  • Perkreditan offers a standard S1 financial advisor salary of approximately Rp 5 million to Rp 10 million.
  • Not only banking, new graduates of economics and management can work in ministries and state forums. Below is the info of the state forum of the field of economics with the amount of its salary.
  • Average CPC salary of Rp 5 million – Rp 6 million
  • Bank Indonesia standard salary of Rp 9 million – Rp 12 million
  • Director General of Customs average salary of Rp 6 million – Rp 8 million
  • State Secretariat standard salary of Rp 3 million – Rp 6 million
  • Taxation salary range is Rp 6 million – Rp 8 million
  • Ministry of Finance salary ranges from Rp 5 million – Rp 10 million
  • OJK standard salary of Rp 10 million – 15 million.

At times, securities and consulting companies became the dream of economics and management scholars because the salary of financial advisors was the highest compared to the above companies. Moreover, many securities companies are owned by foreign companies. So that the salary given is not half-hearted in the amount. Check out the salary amount of securities companies and financial consultants.

  • Mckinsey standard salary of IDR 10 million
  • Goldman Sachs average salary of Rp 35 million – Rp 50 million
  • JP Morgan’s salary range is Rp 10 million – Rp 12 million

5. Health Sector

The next highest financial advisor payroll is wages from health field jobs. Various health professions such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, to dentists. Even the pandemic requires more health workers. So the government is willing to pay higher health workers to deal with Covid-19 patients.

Even though you are a recent graduate from the health field, the salary standard for health S1 financial advisors is relatively high. Let’s take a peek at the amount of salary from each health worker profession.

  • General practitioners in hospitals get a monthly salary of approximately Rp 5 million – Rp 10 million
  • General practitioners in clinics/open practices average their daily salary of Rp100,000 per patient.
  • Pharmacists get a salary of approximately Rp 3 million – Rp 6 million.
  • Nurses with an average salary of Rp 3 million – Rp 8 million.

Tips for Getting a Big Salary for a Financial Advisor

After realizing the salary details of financial advisors from each field of work, you can follow some tips from OCBC NISP so that you can get a big salary.

1.Start Working Before Graduation

Before graduating from college, you should start increasing your experience working as a provision after graduation later. This makes you have a plus, because you used to feel working in the professional world when you were in college.

2.Attend Training and Certification

The tip for earning a big salary for a financial advisor is to take training and certification. By participating in various trainings, your skills will continue to be honed. At that time, certification will be proof that you have expertise in an exclusive field, so that it will be a plus point when applying for a job.

3.Have Specific Skills

Companies are willing to pay new graduates a big salary, if you have specific skills that others rarely have. Because your job position is difficult to replace with other sources of human energy, the company does not hesitate to add high wages to you.

4.Take the Internship Process Seriously

Before getting involved directly in the world of work, you should take an internship program on campus. Today many companies are connected internship opportunities for students. You can use it to learn to work in the professional world.

5.Join the Career Acceleration Program

Financial advisors can earn a large salary in the leadership class by participating in a career acceleration program. Today, many companies access job positions with career acceleration programs to get a generation of leaders as early as possible. You can try to register, such as a Management Trainee position.

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6.Learn Entrepreneurship

A big salary is not only obtained by working. A new graduate can still earn a high income through entrepreneurship. You can start learning entrepreneurship while you are still in college. So that after graduating from campus, you can develop the business to get high profits.

7.Continue to Improve Your Capacity and Quality

The ultimate tip for getting a big salary for a financial advisor is to continue to increase the capacity and quality of oneself. The times are growing, the need for skills and skills is also changing. So that you have to be an adaptive person by continuing to learn and practice so as not to be left behind by other workers.

Thus the discussion from OCBC NISP about the average salary of a financial advisor and tips on increasing the nominal! No matter how big your salary is, without good financial management, you will still be extravagant. So as a new graduate, don’t forget to learn financial management, that’s it and thank you.

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