Get to Know the Financial Problems in Marriage

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Many people report that marriage is the best thing that happens to two people who love each other. Indeed, this is true, if food can trust and understand each other and realize the responsibility of marriage. but other than that there must be a problem in your family one example is Financial Problems in Marriage.

But Married Life is not as smooth as we imagined, especially when it comes to financial problems and couples do not try to overcome them. well from that we want to provide information about some Financial Problems in Marriage. and tips on dealing with it.

Financial Problems That Are Often Addressed by Married Couples and Their Solutions

In this review, quoting from several experts who have done research, financial problems are one of the main reasons for divorce. so it will always be better and be aware of financial problems and look for effective ways to overcome them.

Financial difficulties

This is the fundamental problem faced by married couples. They don’t have clear details about whose salary should be used for household expenses and whose salary is used for savings. The lack of planning provokes confusion, which eventually leads to debate in the couple.

The solution: Couples must figure out how to overcome financial difficulties and ascertain which way is most appropriate for them. According to the survey, about 64 percent of couples have joint accounts, 14 percent have separate accounts, and 18 percent have segregated accounts and joint accounts.

There are no special methods of overcoming financial difficulties, it all depends on the couple how much money they want to spend and how much they want to save. So sit down together and decide on both.


Among the various financial issues that affect marriage, the habit of spending money is an issue that often triggers debate. Often one couple enjoys shopping and spending more than their total income, sometimes even buying things through loans and credit cards.

Bills are piling up and high interest rates can put families in very difficult conditions. In certain cases, among couples, the wife has the most habit of buying things. The expenses that occur, can make the husband emotional and eventually increase the debate.

The solution: The couple must fix the budget for the month and ensure that expenses do not exceed their limits. As much as possible, the use of multiple credit cards is avoided.

When experiencing difficult financial problems, the couple needs to reduce expenses in the entertainment section and have fun. The wife and husband, if both have the habit of buying unnecessary things, should try to stop it.

Debt piling up

Sometimes when making a rash decision, it can happen, the spouse applies for a loan for a house or car without thinking about the ability to pay it. In addition, some couples even have a habit of overusing credit cards. Carelessness in managing finances can trigger debt that accumulates and is difficult to pay later.

The solution: Take a loan only if you have the capacity to pay it off. This is the first solution to avoid the problem of accumulating debt. One must have realistic abilities and dreams, and think twice before applying for a loan and mortgage assets. And when married couples work together, they need to contribute equally to repaying debts.

Improper investment

To be able to live a stable life, couples need to think about the future. Improper investment is one of the main factors that need to be considered, especially when you have a family to take care of. Hence, couples should choose the right investment and when doing so, they should be careful as it can be risky.

The solution: Couples need to figure out their investment goals and timeframes, as well as be sure to review investments at least once a year.

Unnecessary expenses

Love is blind and people in love know that there are no limits when it comes to spending money on a partner. They tend to give expensive things to make happy and appreciate the couple.

This act of wasting money caused problems later. And couples begin to blame each other for incorrect financial management.

The solution: To be able to avoid financial problems, couples should avoid buying expensive things and vacations. The spouse must use the money according to his capacity.

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Financial crisis

Unstable financial condition arises due to the lack of savings for future use. Accidents, illnesses, or other undesirables, all these situations cost you money, and can put you in a financial crisis.

The solution: The problem is inevitable and unpredictable. So instead of waiting for problems to arise, couples need to make preparations to face difficult times. They need to make sure they have an emergency fund. They need to have monthly savings together and determine the amount of money to save each month, so that they have enough funds when they suddenly need it.

The clash of egos

The present day is a time when women become equal to men in all fields, including in making a living. Today, in many homes, we find women earning more money than men. This can hurt a man’s ego, and if a man doesn’t have a job, then this situation will get worse.

In cases like this, it’s very difficult to save a marriage, when both partners have pride and no one is ready to give in.

The solution: Marriage is the union of two individuals, so each couple needs to treat each other well. To avoid the clash of egos, men need to look at this situation in a greater perspective, and instead of being offended by the wife’s greater income, the husband needs to motivate the wife to work. After all, whoever earns income, in the end, this income will be used for the family.

Keeping financial secrets

This is one of the biggest financial problems in marriage. Many couples hide financial documents, passbooks, and information about assets that can be frustrating for their partner.

The solution: It is always better if the husband and wife speak honestly and show all the financial details to the couple. By doing this, your partner can suggest how to deal with financial problems when needed.

Here are some additional tips in managing family finances:

The family started with “we” not “me.” So when facing financial problems, you need to think about family conditions

  • If your problem is too big, ask a financial planner for advice.
  • When you are committed to managing finances, keep this commitment because others are counting on you.
  • Think before using money, because money must be used wisely.
  • Try to avoid intervention from relatives in family finances.
  • Don’t be jealous if your partner has a higher income. On the contrary, the motivation of the couple to be better in his career.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, so don’t ignore the financial problems in marriage. Financial problems must be addressed together, so do not waste time delaying them.

How to avoid financial problems that could destroy a marriage

Marriage is a great commitment. Marriage involves trust and hard work. One beautiful thing isn’t it when there is a person willing to spend his life with you? When you are preparing for a wedding, it is important to sit down together and discuss about financial issues.

One of the main causes of divorce is financial problems. You need to do something before getting married to make sure you and your future partner can work together. Of course, it will be frustrating if one couple does not participate in the budgeting process, which can make the marriage end.

Your marriage can go smoothly as long as you are both willing to communicate openly about each other’s financial conditions and try to compromise. Now sit together to avoid the main financial mistakes in marriage:

Communicate about your financial condition

You need to make sure that you will work together to solve financial problems. This means you need to talk openly about your current financial condition, including all debts and assets you own.

Financial Problems in Marriage: Set shared financial goals

After you have discussed the financial condition of each of them, you need to create specific financial goals as a couple. This can be paying off all debts, buying a house, and saving for old age.

Financial budget as a couple

You need to set a budget together. This will help you work together to achieve the goal. Also prepare clear financial allocation guidelines. When you are budgeting as a couple, you need to communicate it regularly.

Financial Problems in Marriage: Paying for wedding expenses

Wedding and honeymoon expenses can be quite expensive. You have to set a budget and find a way to pay for the wedding expenses. This can prevent you from starting a marriage with a lot of debt. It also helps you remember the wedding as a beautiful memory, not a regret for having to pay a lot of bills.

Financial Problems in Marriage: Unifying finances

Finally, when it comes to marriage and money, you need to forget about the past and move forward. If you don’t like the debt your partner brings to your wedding, it’s a good idea to reconsider your wedding plans. Consider debts and savings as common property instead of belonging to “me” or belonging to “you.”

Thus a review of some financial problems in marriage. Hopefully, what you think about marriage is not as easy and also not as complicated as we think. Well, try to absorb the review above seriously.

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