Become Financially Independent in College

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As a student who has the desire to maintain financial stability independently which is much coveted among students in general. In addition, we can support independent needs and can ease the burden on parents. maybe you are wondering how to become financially independent in higher education? see the explanation below.

How to Become Financially Independent in Higher Education?, before answering first listen to this story with Mandiri financially, then students are able to manage expenses and their preferences. Financially independent, we can save expenses and use it for important things only.

Become Financially Independent in Higher Education

The awareness to save money certainly arises from our experiences as students who have found it difficult to make money. so that students do not always depend on their parents’ aspirations, of course, there are tips for being financially independent since college, including:

1.      Diligently Seeking Scholarships

In the world of Education, for now there is a wide variety of scholarships available in several universities. With a note, students who want to take a scholarship must of course meet the specified qualification requirements. There are scholarships such as Bidikmisi, and BBM-PPA allocated by the government to state universities.

And there are also scholarships provided by private institutions. Improving academic and non-academic achievement is one of the requirements so that we can get scholarships. By getting a scholarship, we can slightly reduce expenses during college.

2.      Participating in Various Competitions

There are various multi-event competitions that students can participate in every year. Whether it is an academic-based competition or a non-academic-based competition. Regardless of the level, the champion in each competition will certainly get various prizes, and the prizes at each event are usually in the form of coaching money.

The money can certainly be used as tuition fees. In addition to increasing the income from prizes, participating in the competition also brings other benefits, namely gaining experience as well as award certificates that will be useful when we graduate later.

3.      Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is one of the most common ways to earn extra income when going to college.  Students can sell clothes, accessories, culinary and much more. To achieve optimal profits, take advantage of social media platforms and also your friendships

4.      Become a tutor

To increase income when studying, some students are looking for additional income from their work to become tutors for their younger siblings or students in dasat to middle schools.

The quality and intellectual capacity of students are considered qualified to share knowledge with the basic to upper education levels. The number of jobs to become a tutor in a course or private institution, of course, can add a decent income.

5.      Writing in Mass Media

Writing in the mass media is one way to get additional income for students. Some mass media, especially print mass media, accept many student writings for publication and then after that, students will get paid for every writing that is dumuted.

Usually, the mass media contains student writings of popular scientific genres. Writings like this are often found in student opinion columns in various media in Indonesia. It’s just us who have to be proactive and diligent in submitting writings. If it has not been loaded, do not give up. Keep trying until our writing is published by well-known media in Indonesia. Money is only a bonus, but the published works are more important.

6.      Working Part-Time/Freelance

To increase income when studying there are many companies that open up opportunities for students. Part-time work or freelance work for students is usually offered by some companies that require additional labor in addition to employees who have already been appointed. There are many projects that students can do and of course it will make money.

Additional Tips what if you are not a student but you have a desire to succeed at a young age, if you are curious follow it too and see the tips below:

Tips for Success at a Young Age

·         Create your own definition of financial independence

When you want to become financially independent in your 20s, you need to really know the definition and what it means for you. Financial independence or financial freedom has a different meaning for everyone.

Some consider having a fixed salary, investment, and savings means that they have met these targets. Owning a private vehicle, land, or property is also commonly used as an indicator.

There are also people who feel that having the option of working or retiring early at the desired age as an indicator they are already financially independent. Therefore, you have to determine what financial freedom is for you, then just make a plan around the target.

Determine what variables you must achieve, of course, by thinking about your current financial condition. Just like planning a financial event, you can try to make financial targets optimistic, realistic, and pessimistic. That way, you have clear goals and can know what steps to achieve them.

·         Start making financial planning

If you want to be financially independent in your 20s, you must start making clear financial planning. The first step to follow is to allocate salaries to certain posts. If you still get pocket money from your parents, you can still follow this step, really. The reason is, you will get use to planning finances and live one month after that following the plan.

Well, when you already have a salary, it will be easier for you to immediately allocate a salary and live with a predetermined budget. The posts in question include transportation, electricity and water, emergency funds, posts devoted to daily snacks, and various other needs.

You can use envelopes as a marker for postal categories that must be fille in when the salary has droppe. Don’t forget to also record all types of expenses and income, so that your financial condition remains monitored.

·         Prepare an emergency fund

When you want to start a financial journey, many people forget about the importance of an emergency fund. Let’s say you are already in your late 20s, and then suddenly the company decided to fire you.

If you are not very well establishe in terms of career, it will be difficult to immediately get a job back. Well, this is where the role of the emergency fund comes in. The amount of emergency funds owned by each person is different, depending on the number of dependents owne. The range of funds that must be owne is between 6-12 times the monthly salary, so that you can survive for 6-12 months.

Therefore, it is important to start saving an emergency fund as early as possible, so that your financial situation becomes safer. By having or already saving for an emergency fund, you have fulfilled one of the indicators of being financially independent in your 20s.

·         Always save

No matter how small the nominal is, try to always set aside salary or pocket money into savings, yes. However, also distinguish personal savings from emergency fund savings. An emergency fund can only be use when you don’t have an active income, but still have to make a living.

Ordinary savings can be use to buy daily necessities. Well, it is also important to distinguish savings accounts, emergency funds, and accounts for daily operations. It is recommende to open a new account for savings, so that you can choose a bank that does not have special admin fees for savings accounts or other benefits.

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·         Thinking about passive income

If you enter your 20s, you must be familiar with the term passive income. Passive income is usually obtaine from various types of investments. You can start learning about the types of investments, then try to run the one that you think is the most suitable. For beginners, the recommended investments include gold and mutual funds.

The reason is, these two investments have a fairly low risk and tend to be stable. This passive income can also serve as a long-term safety net, when you are thinking about retiring and still want to have income.

Thus the review of How to Become Financially Independent in Higher Education, has found the answer yet. The information above needs perseverance and heartliness so that these tips can support your wishes to be realize.

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