How to Invest in Cryptocurrency Funds

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Cryptocurrency or crypto becomes the most preferred investment. many people end up looking for How to Invest in Cryptocurrency Funds to cultivate wealth or seek additional income. because Crypto Assets can provide large profits in a short period of time.

On the one hand, Crypto also holds a lot of risk in it. Not a few investors lose money when playing crypto, especially beginners. Therefore, those of you who want to take part in this trend need to learn and find out the ins and outs of crypto.

The First Way to Get to Know Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that has blockchain technology so it cannot be duplicated or faked. This currency is universal and acceptable throughout the world. Already many countries are using this cryptocurrency as a legitimate payment.

In practice, cryptocurrencies are also decentralized. You no longer have to deal with other parties when transacting with this virtual currency. That is, the transfer of ownership of cryptocurrencies only from the first and second parties. When transacting with one cryptocurrency, you no longer need to change it to another value.

In contrast to conventional currencies, which will be of different value in each country. The Indonesian government has not actually endorsed this crypto as a currency for buying and selling. The MUI also issued an illegitimate fatwa for cryptocurrency. However, you can still play crypto for investment purposes. You should only buy cryptocurrency and store it as an asset.

Crypto Money Appeal

Crypto has the power that makes people want to own it. Just look at it now that many people are starting to play crypto as their investment option. Here are some of the attractions of crypto as an investment asset:

·         Diverse currencies

So far, there are already tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market. Not all of them can be obtained in the Indonesian market. However, you can still get a large selection of cryptocurrencies.

Of course, the unit value and price offered also vary. Some cryptocurrencies are also very strong in the market making it a good investment asset.

·         Easy to get

Starting to play crypto is also very easy now. There are various digital platforms that can be used to buy crypto assets. Not only buying, you will also easily sell it and get rupiah money back.

·         Can rise quickly

One advantage of cryptocurrencies is the very drastic increase in price. This means that you can make a profit in a short period of time if the price of your cryptocurrency soars.

·         A trend captured by many parties

The trend of playing crypto is on the rise. This is certainly very good for beginners who also want to take part. The reason is, beginners can get a lot of information, both from news, webinars, to practitioners who are already in this world.

How to Play Crypto for Beginners

As a reminder, all kinds of investments must have risks. Playing crypto also has a very big risk. Therefore, you need to know the right steps that must be taken to be able to earn money. Check out tips for playing crypto for beginners that you can try.

·         Only use cold money to play crypto

This investment has a high risk. Therefore, you should only play crypto with the cold money you have. Cold money means money that will not be used in the near future or has not been allocated to a need. In other words, this is the excess treasure you have.

How to get cold money, of course, is to settle all your routine obligations. You need to pay bills, installments, set aside an emergency fund, and savings before you finally get this cold money.

The use of cold money is intended so that you do not increase the risk of investing. When cold money is at risk of being lost, you don’t have to sacrifice money for other needs.

·         Choosing a registered digital platform

How to play crypto safely also needs to choose a digital platform that has been by the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti). Here are some companies that already have permission to manage crypto assets:

  • PT Crypto Indonesia Berkat (Tokocrypto)
  • PT Indonesia Digital Exchange (IDEX)
  • PT Pintu Mana Saja (Pintu)
  • PT Luno Indonesia (Luno)
  • PT Indodax Nasional Indonesia (Indodax)
  • PT Zipmex Exchange Indonesia (Zipmex)
  • PT Cipta Koin Digital (Koinku)
  • PT Rekening Dotcom Indonesia (Akunku)
  • PT Triniti Investama Berkat (Bitocto)
  • PT Tiga Inti Utama (Triv)
  • PT Upbit Exchange Indonesia (Upbit)
  • PT Plutonext Digital Asset (Plutonext)
  • PT Bursa Cripto Prima

·         Open an account

After choosing a company to buy crypto assets, you need to register and open an account. In creating this account, you need to enter your personal data and personal email. Make sure to enter the appropriate data and use the correct email.

The reason is, the matching of personal data is very important in digital transactions. You certainly don’t want data to be stolen or even unable to be opened because you use an incorrect email address. The next step is data verification.

Some digital platforms will ask for a selfie with an ID card and a digital signature through the app. Wait for verification before you can finally start playing crypto.

·         Make a deposit

To buy cryptocurrency, you need to first deposit it into a predetermined account. Adjust the deposit value to your financial capabilities. Spending too much will actually make you uncontrolled in investing. Also avoid depositing too small because it will only make your purchasing power limited.

·         Learn about crypto assets

Each crypto asset has its own characteristics and properties. You need to study and figure out each asset before you start choosing it. Check all the information on the internet as well as reviews from experts.

There is nothing wrong with also paying attention to the movement of each crypto asset before starting to choose it. The movement of crypto assets is fairly fast. You should be able to get an idea in a few days or weeks.

·         Not rushing to make a decision

As mentioned earlier, crypto assets are fast up as well as fast to fall as well. When it comes down, you don’t have to rush to sell it. There is still an opportunity for the cryptocurrency to rise, really.

In fact, this is your chance to buy it back. It is not impossible that the value of the asset you buy will increase and you can get greater profits later.

·         Investing in other instruments

Cryptocurrencies are indeed being insanely harassed by the crowd. However, it does not mean that you immediately forget about other investment instruments. Putting wealth on other investment instruments can also reduce the risk of losing funds from crypto.

You can choose gold which is fairly stable in price. You can also put it on a deposit that is fairly safe. Another option that is also no less good is mutual funds.

Additional Tips on How to Safely Invest in Crypto Money

1.      Learn, Don’t Just Buy

Before throwing funds into crypto money, make sure you have done your research and thoroughly studied the targeted crypto asset. Not only studying the coin, we also recommend studying the technology that houses the crypto asset. Learn the prospects and how the technology that underpins the coin works.

2.      Only Use Idle Money

We strictly prohibit making any investment, especially in high volatility instruments such as crypto, if money is not classified as idle funds.

The meaning of idle funds is excess funds that are not used in the period of 1-2 years. When only free for a few months, we recommend not moving funds to digital assets

3.      Buy When The Price Is Cheap and Don’t Go All At Once

Another safe investing recipe from us is to buy coins when the price is low or cheap. Don’t buy crypto money when prices are exorbitant. In measuring the cheapness or high cost of digital assets, we admit that it is indeed difficult to set a certain price.

Cheap for someone, it can be expensive for other investors. It is perfectly fine to measure the low price of each one, for example by reading daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly price charts.

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4.      Don’t Be Afraid to Miss Or FOMO

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) or fear of missing out can be a detrimental trend if followed without much consideration. we remind you not to invest just because you hear the success stories of others who are profitable. Not wanting to miss it can be a recipe for woe if the investment is made without adequate knowledge.

Thus the review on How to Invest in Cryptocurrency Funds. The information above is a guide for those of you who want to invest in Cryptocurrencies. The method above needs you to know so that your investment becomes profitable, not losing money.

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