Information on How to Invest Money in Bitcoin

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This cryptocurrency investment is an investment that is favored by cryptocurrency hunters. Pluang is an investment startup application in Indonesia. If you want to know How to Invest Money in Bitcoin then you need to be able to listen to this review.

Quoting from various sources Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and the pioneer of innovation of all kinds of crypto assets that came after. Now for a more complete discussant, you can listen carefully to the explanation below.

Information on How to Invest Money in Bitcoin

No need to worry because all transactions in cryptocurrency asset assets are facilitated by several well-known and guaranteed universities and have a good reputation in Indonesia.  Currently, there are also quite a lot of crypto asset exchanges in Indonesia that you can choose from.

Get to Know the History of Bitcoin

The domain on August 18, 2008 is legally registered and protected by WhoisGuard. This shows that the identity of the user is not public information. Then on October 31, 2008, Satoshi made an announcement on with the Cryptography Mailing List.

The announcement reads, I have been working on a new electronic financial system with a peer to peer system, without third parties,” Magna Carta on how Bitcoin started operating today.

Subsequently, on January 3, 2009, the first Block of the Bitcoin blockchain was launched. This can be interpreted as a hint, statement or marker. Crypto users believe this is a special statement from Satoshi after his appearance in The Time newspaper on the same day.

The Legality of Bitcoin

Still quite controversial, bitcoin halal or haram? In Indonesia itself, Bitcoin is still prohibited by Bank Indonesia as legal tender. This is not without reason because in Indonesia there is still the rupiah as a legal currency.

Another thing with Bappebti which includes bitcoin as a commodity. There are 229 cryptos traded in Indonesia, including Bitcoin. In addition to bitcoin, there are also Ethereum and Dogecoin which are included in the Bappebti commodity.

You can consider which platform is the right and appropriate.  Well next we will discuss about the trading method following the explanation.

Bitcoin Trading Methods

Citing several books about Bitcoin, a new way of investing in mining or trading Bitcoin can be divided into three types, including pool mining, solo mining, and cloud mining.

·         Pool Mining Methods

Pool mining method: miners will join forces with other miners in one pool to mine Bitcoin. Because it requires the role of other miners, this one method implements a profit-sharing system according to the number of miners in the pool.

·         Solo Mining Method

Solo mining method: it can be done independently. Although the results of Bitcoin mining are not shared with other miners, this method requires a capable device. For example, a computer or PC and supporting components need to have high specifications to large electrical power.

·         Cloud Mining Methods

Cloud mining method: allows miners to search for Bitcoin without a sophisticated computer. In simple terms, cloud mining can be understood as a technique of acquiring cryptocurrency by renting computing power from third-party sources or specialized companies.

How to Invest in Bitcoin for Beginners in Pluang

To acquire this virtual currency, people must first access the crypto asset trading platform. For Indonesia, there are already several trading companies registered, such as PT Crypto Indonesia Berkat and PT Indodax Nasional Indonesia.

Here are the steps to start buying Bitcoin in general on various trading sites.

  • Create an Account on the Bitcoin Trading Platform
  • To be able to transact with this virtual currency, you need to choose the Bitcoin trading platform and create an account.

Select Payment Method

After choosing the payment method, prepare the appropriate personal data when registering as proof or confirmation.

  • Purchase Transaction
  • Buy Bitcoin. Make a payment. Transfer Bitcoin to a digital wallet.

Monitor Bitcoin Price Movement

Once you have an account and bought some value, be diligent in monitoring Bitcoin price fluctuations.

How to Buy Crypto Assets in Pluang

To buy the crypto coins of your choice on the Pluang application, make sure you have a sufficient amount of balance on the “Voucher Balance” or “Cash Balance”. You can follow the steps below:

  • On the main page, please scroll down your screen and select “All Products” to unlock all the assets provided by Pluang.
  • Then select “Crypto Assets” to display all crypto assets in Pluang. And choose the crypto asset you want to buy.
  • The requirement to be able to access the Crypto Asset feature is that your Pluang account has been identity verified or completed basic verification. Make sure your account has completed the basic verification before using the Crypto Asset feature.
  • After your account is successfully verified, you can already make crypto asset purchases and a “Buy” button will appear. Please make a purchase according to the estimated minimum purchase price of the asset.

·         Enter the purchase amount you want to buy. Remember, for each crypto asset has a different minimum buy. Currently, the minimum is IDR 5,000. Make sure the indicator on the “Estimated Buy Price” is blue when you click the “Review Order” button.

·         Here is the purchase details page. Make sure your purchase is correct. Then “Swipe up to finish” to continue the process.

Safe! Your transaction has been successful.

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How to Sell Crypto Assets in Pluang

If you already have Crypto assets in Pluang and want to sell them and are still confused about how to sell them, let’s look at the steps below as reported from the official website on

  • On the main page, please select the Crypto asset you want to sell
  • On the menu of the crypto you want to sell, click the “Sell” button
  • Enter the sales amount you want according to the minimum sales amount that applies to your crypto asset.
  • Check your Bitcoin sales details again. Keep in mind again that the nominals that appear on this page are estimated prices and estimated amounts so they are not the final price. Swipe up to continue the transaction.
  • Safe! Your transaction has been successful.
  • Check the cash balance on your account to see that the balance has been increased.

How to Follow Pluang Cuan

  • To join the Pluang Cuan program follow these steps.
  • On the main page select one of your crypto assets either “bitcoin” or “ethereum”
  • Then click Pluang Cuan
  • Then you will get a look like the following. Then you can click “skip” for the next process.
  • Then select Join Pluang Cuan if you are sure to join.
  • Read the terms and conditions that apply. If you have agreed with this, check the consent box then click Agree and Continue
  • Congratulations, you have successfully joined the Pluang Cuan program. If you want to see about the yield information you get.

Please select See Pluang Cuan.

How to Invest Money in Bitcoin: Responsive About Halal or Haram Bitcoin

Recently the MUI issued a fatwa on crypto. In essence, crypto users as a currency are illegitimate. Crypto is illegitimate as a commodity but except for cryptos that have underlying assets and have obvious benefits.

Pros of Bitcoin

·         Greater Liquidity

Bitcoin has a considerable margin, it has a much higher level of liquidity than other cryptocurrencies. Because of this, bitcoin users retain their substantial value when making a conversion to fiat currency.

·         Low Transaction Fees

Making transactions with bitcoin is rated lower in value than other payment methods such as PayPal. Bitcoin transaction fees are no more than 1% of the transaction value.

·         Quite Popular Payment Methods

Now there are so many and even hundreds of online stores that accept this method of payment using the cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

·         Simplify International Transactions

The advantage of bitcoin compared to other digital currencies is that now you can also make international transactions.

·         Disadvantages of Bitcoin

  • Vulnerable to Fraud
  • As one of the most popular currencies in the world, bitcoin is also quite vulnerable to fraud.
  • No Refunds
  • Another drawback to bitcoin is the lack of refund policies owne by credit card companies.

·         Mining that Damages the Environment

Bitcoin miner or bitcoin mining to get new coins requires intense energy. Thus, the use of electricity when transacting is certainly validate on the bitcoin blockchain.

Thus a review of How to Invest Money in Bitcoin, you can use the information above before you invest in bitcoin. So that you can invest safely and correctly. Hopefully, this information will be useful for you, thank you very much.

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