Getting to Know About Fishermen’s Investment

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As a country that has an area in the form of two-thirds of the ocean, Indonesia is so endowe with extraordinary and abundant marine wealth. even because of this geography, there are many people who are fishermen, but this time I will try to discuss and provide information about Fishermen Investment so that it can help fishermen who work hard to support their exit.

The important role of Indonesian fishermen is large in number. This profession that has existe since time immemorial. it is not an easy thing to be a fisherman who has a high risk. Go to sea at night and the scorching sun. in this case, fishermen should be able to think about investment as self-protection in carrying out their profession. check out the reviews about Fishermen’s Investment below.

Getting to Know About Fishermen’s Investment, Tips for Modern Fishermen’s Success

Fishermen nee to know that this investment is very guaranteeing for the integrity of fishermen and the state Quoting from the field of maritum resources they explaine the promising investment in the fisheries sector including as cultivators and their entrepreneurs. for example, in shrimp pond investment capital, the costs offere vary depending on the amount of pond diamter.

History of Fishermen’s Investment in Various Countries

History Founde the company in 1979, founde in 1986, then serve as CEO until July 2016, when he was replace by longtime Fisher Investments employee Damian Ornani. Fisher remains active as the company’s executive chairman and co-chief investment office.

As of June 2021, Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries manage assets of more than $188 billion for individual and institutional investors globally. The company has four main business units: Fisher Investments Institutional Group, Fisher Investments Private Client Group, Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions Group and Fisher Investments International Group.

The company founde Fisher Investments Europe Limite in 1999 with its headquarters in London. It later expande the operations of the US company by opening an office in Vancouver, Washington ; Plano, Texas; and Tampa, Florida.In 2005, the company was reorganize as a Delaware limite liability company.

The company also entere into a joint venture in Germany to offer investment services as Grüner Fisher Investments GmbH, which is now a wholly owne subsidiary of Fisher Investments. In late 2011, Fisher Investments opene a new headquarters on the 120-acre Fisher Creek campus in Camas, Washington . Over the next three years, Fisher Investments expande its local presence by building two additional buildings on the Fisher Creek campus. In 2020, the company opene a fourth building on campus. The five-story building has room for an additional 1,100 employees.

Fisher Investments has also opene international offices, including locations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Dubai and Australia. Fisher Investments’ global footprint requires significant efforts to localize content for non-English speaking clients. The company translates the content into Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

In 2020, Fisher Investments was certifie as Great Place to Work® by global workplace culture firm Great Place to Work. Separately, in 2019, Fisher Investments’ office in Plano, Texas was recognize as one of the Best Workplaces in Texas™.

According to a 2019 Bloomberg article base on anonymous interviews with former and current Fisher Investments employees, the company’s workers are tie to unclear targets and some employees argue there is a culture of fear and stress. The pressure on employees to acquire and retain clients is said to be very strong. In late 2019, Ken Fisher came under fire for sexual comments, losing billions as customers withdrew funds in protest.

For seven consecutive years (2014–2020) the company was recognize as one of the U.S.-base 300 Registere Investment Advisors (RIA) on the Financial Times’ Top 300 list. The survey ranke money managers with at least $300 million in total assets under management.

In 2019 and 2020, the Financial Times and Ignites Research recognize Fisher Investments as one of the Top Retirement Advisors on the FT 401 list. His ranks are describe as “a list of elite professionals who specialize in advising U.S. employers on their definitive contribution plans.

Fisher Investments Europe, a wholly-owne subsidiary of Fisher Investments, was recognize by ADVFN as Wealth Manager of the Year in its International Finance Awards, announce on March 8, 2016. The award aims to recognize and celebrate the best bree products and services from the entire financial industry, both nationally and internationally.

In addition to the information above, fishermen must also start thinking about insurance, not only hard-working capital but we also need to think about the long term such as doing and looking for fishermen’s cooperation. well still confuse about what fisherman’s insurance is, here’s the explanation.

Fishermen’s Investment: What is fishermen’s insurance?

Fishermen’s insurance is insurance specifically intended for someone who works as a fisherman. This insurance is a program from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) and part of the Fishermen’s Insurance Premium Assistance (BPAN) program.

This is also in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 7 of 2016 concerning the Protection and Empowerment of Fishermen, Fish Farmers and Salt Farmers in order to improve the quality of human life, including fishermen throughout Indonesia.

Requirements for recipients of fishermen’s insurance.

Not all fishermen are entitled to this insurance because the recipient must fully meet the terms and conditions that are late to be made, including:

  • Have a fisherman’s card or KUSUKA (Marine and Fisheries Business Actors Card) on the
  • Maximum age of 65 years old
  • Not using prohibited fishing gear
  • Maximum ship size of 10 GT (Gross Tonnage)
  • Preferably for those who have never received insurance program assistance from the government
  • Comply with the provisions as stated in the Insurance Policy

Although the name is fishermen’s insurance, but not only fishermen are entitled to it. Small fish farmers and small salt farmers can also have this insurance. Fishermen’s insurance assistance in 2020 is targeted by the MPA with a quota for 150,000 fishermen from all provinces in Indonesia.

In addition to the MPA program, fishermen can also have independent insurance from insurance companies that already have fishermen’s insurance products. This independent insurance can be owned by fishermen who are not included in the category of insurance recipients from the government.

So that large fishermen and fishermen who have boats above 10 GT (Gross Tonnage). Must also care about guaranteeing their safety by having independent. Fishermen’s insurance and registering themselves with an insurance company that has a special program for fishermen.

Fishermen’s insurance benefits.

There are so many good benefits that will be obtaine by having this insurance. Fishermen who work at high risk can work at ease by obtaining guarantee protection. In addition, having insurance is expected to grow awareness for fishermen on the importance of insurance.

The coverage guarantee in insurance from the government. Is in the form of an accident by causing death or permanent disability and guaranteed medical expenses. For accidents resulting from fishing activities:

  • Causing death will get Rp200,000,000
  • Causing permanent defects will get Rp100,000,000
  • For medical expenses will get Rp20,000,000

As for accidents that occur to fishermen when they are not carrying. Out fishing activities such as natural deaths, motorcycle accidents or others. Those that occur not in their professional places will also get financing guarantees from fishermen’s insurance. For accidents resulting from other than fishing activities:

  • Causing death will get Rp160,000,000
  • Causing permanent defects will get Rp100,000,000
  • For medical expenses will get Rp20,000,000

Insurance registration.

It is not difficult for fishermen to register themselves to get fishermen’s insurance from the government. Here are 3 places that can be visite to register:

  • Local Fisheries Service
  • Fisheries extension workers
  • Register online on the page

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Fishermen’s Investment: The cost of fishermen’s insurance premiums.

Please note that KKP will only provide insurance premium assistance to fishermen for 1 year of implementation. Furthermore, fishermen who want to continue insurance protection can pay independently but still. Get support from the REGIONAL BUDGET from the Regional Government.

For the cost of fishermen insurance premiums from the government specifically for small fishermen, they are charge starting from Rp. 140,000. While independent insurance for large fishermen will be charge premiums ranging from Rp. 5,000, Rp. 100,000, and Rp. 175,000, each of which has a different claim value.

Thus the review of Fishermen Investment. The information above we can know that other countries have implemente for fishermen to invest. But whether Indonesia can answer it, as long as the government can cooperate with fishermen in Indonesia.


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