How to Deposit Money Into Chime

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How to Deposit Money Into Chime-The company is growing rapidly with over 12 million customers in 2021 . It does not have a banking license of its own but provides app-based services through FDIC-insured bank partners. So is it an online bank? Exactly, no, but modern jargon might apply the term “online bank” to Chime.

So even though it is not a bank, it provides financial services. It doesn’t have what’s called a brick-and-mortar location, as all business is handled in an online environment. You will receive a debit card for free when you open your Chime Current Account.

How to Deposit Money Into Chime-Chime also offers an optional savings account available if you have a checking account. With its emphasis on saving money through high interest payments and painless overdrafts, you have a high degree of flexibility. Plus, the Chime Credit Builder Secured Visa Credit Card provides a great opportunity for you to start building that credit score (eligibility requirements apply 2).


how to deposit money into chime


Mixed pros and cons



  • There are no monthly fees, overdraft fees or minimum balance required
  • Great savings option, paying high interest
  • Get paid up to 2 days early 3 by direct deposit
  • Counter


  • Only available to US residents
  • Unable to use debit card to recharge, deposit money to card
  • Customer service is not always helpful


Account opening and maintenance costs

1.      Card fee

Getting a combined Visa debit card, including delivery, is also free. Even replacing a stolen or lost card is free. There are no fees for international transactions (limited to certain countries) with your Chime debit card.

2.      ATM fees

ATM providers outside the network may charge additional fees. Note that there is also a $500 daily limit for ATM withdrawals.

3.      Transfer fee

Transferring money from your Unified Checking Account, including Automatic Clearing House (ACH) transfers, is free.

There are transfer limits when using ACH transfer in Chime:

  • $10,000 per calendar day
  • $25,000 per calendar month

So monthly direct deposit is also free.

What types of cards does Chime provide?

The chime card is provided by Visa. Therefore there is only one type of physical card, namely the Visa debit card. Chime provides EMV chip cards, which cannot be used to make contactless payments.

How long until I get my Chime card?

Once your debit card arrives, you can activate it via the Chime app. If your Chime debit card is lost or stolen, you can immediately prohibit card transactions within the app, and order a replacement card through the app or by phone. There’s no charge for a replacement card, which should arrive in about a week.

Can I use my Chime card overseas?

Yes, you can use your Chime card anywhere that accepts Visa, for payments and for withdrawing money from ATMs. However, you must enable International Transactions in your settings within the app.

Especially the Credit Builder Card is a great opportunity for those who need to start rebuilding their credit score 11 . At Chime, you can use the following methods to recharge, namely depositing money into your checking account:

Direct deposit from the employer.

In the latter case, there is a $10,000 daily and $25,000 monthly limit for transfers. Mobile check deposit 5 (only if direct deposit has been enabled).

Account combined


The first is a Current Account, which you must first open. The second is an optional Savings Account where you can get your cash back (having a Current Account is required for this). The third is a Chime Credit Builder Guaranteed Visa Credit Card account, which helps you boost your credit score.

Consolidated Checking Account

There are a few things to know about Unified Checking Accounts. First, you can only use USD. You receive notifications every time money is spent, ensuring the security of your bank account.

If you have Automatic Savings turned on, money spent with your debit card is used to automatically deposit money into your savings account, by rounding each transaction to the nearest dollar 7. Remember, when you use this account, you can spend up to $200 more than your balance, with no 1 overdraft fee.

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Combined Savings Account

Chime also offers a savings account that is considered the best on the market. So, Let’s see why, and how it differs from traditional bank services. therefore. You must have a Consolidated Current Account to open a savings account.

If you set up the Auto Saving program, everything is saved here. Let’s see how it works. Say you spend $10.75. This is rounded up to $11, meaning 25 cents is deposited directly into your savings account.

What’s nice about this is that if you save more than you’d like in one month, it’s pretty easy to withdraw the money back into your checking account. The main point in their favor is the high interest paid on your savings.

In comparison, a normal financial institution has an APY of 0.13% 8 at the same time. While this may change on a regular basis, it is a surprising difference in the Annual Yield Percentage that a Chime savings account provides.

Chime Credit Builder Guaranteed Visa Credit Card

The final option, the Chime Credit Builder Secured Visa Credit Card, is essential for anyone looking to help improve their credit score. Then What is it like to build your credit score using Chime Credit Builder? Well, after you set up the account.

So That’s how to deposit money into chime, of course you are looking for it and I will present it to you. Thank You!

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