How to Sell on Depop without PayPal and Free from Fraud

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Have you heard of Depop? Do you like fashion or technology? Do you wear style? Are you an enthusiast? Do you like the market? If you’re one of these things, you’re in the right place.   This article focuses its focus on Depop and directs interested minds about how to sell on depop without PayPal, and anything they might find there to do.

What is Depop?

Depop is a platform where millions of people come together to express themselves and learn about a new culture. The company is headquartered in London with offices in Manchester, New York, Los Angeles, and Sydney. Depop is run by a team of over 400 people who are passionate about fashion for a better future.

Depop’s mission is to create the most progressive and diverse fashion house. In this place, people can discover new styles and become part of a community-based zeitgeist that changes culture for the better.

How to sell on depop

The how to sell on depop without PayPal is as follows:

1. Download the app

This procedure changes depending on various factors on your phone. We also assume here that you are using an Android or iPhone device because the process is not far apart. Playstore is an extensive application. Surfing the app store uses data because you are dealing with a lot of images. You’ll need to search for the Deopop app, which you do by entering Depop in the search bar.

The size of the application determines whether the application can be downloaded or not. Some programs are over 70 MB in size, and downloading a lot of programs will consume a lot of your data. Depop doesn’t take up much space because it has been optimized for performance.

The app store frequently checks for program updates and can install them automatically over cellular data. This can quickly deplete your data quota. If this is not an issue for you, then you should allow it as it ensures you get the best experience from using the app.

For emails and push alerts, the phone is most likely auto-syncing in the background. You need to understand this because you may need to get these notifications to keep you on top of your in-store activities.

2. Register

Registering requires you to enter as many details as possible. The first step is to sign up for a Depop account. For this demonstration, we will register an account directly on their website. However, you can register an account through the Depop app, as the process is the same.

This step involves providing details such as your phone number, which is crucial for verification, as well as providing some other information that will be used to identify who you are.

When this step is complete, and Depop has confirmed the most basic details, you then move to the next stage: confirmation and login.

3. Log in and set up your profile

With the details provided, you start filling in the rest as they seamlessly exit one after another until they are pretty sure that they have got the details they need to allow you to operate on their services.

At this stage, a first name, last name, and email address are provided, and a username and password are created. The last thing that needs to be confirmed at this stage is your location and acceptance of the terms of service.

4. Set up your store

Once you’ve created your Depop account, you’ll need to link your PayPal account to start raising money for the products you sell.  Since Depop does not have its own payment system, all payments are processed through PayPal, whether the customer pays with PayPal funds or a debit/credit card. As a result, you need a PayPal account to link to Depop to sell on the platform.

Through settings and preferred PayPal accounts, you can connect to PayPal to start listing items for sale and receive secure payments. Some people may say that they have never used PayPal before and don’t know how, but the process of using PayPal is easy.

You already know how to receive money on PayPal if you have a PayPal account and know your email address. Giving someone your email address is all it takes for them to send you money through PayPal.

A person who sends you money does not even need to have a PayPal account. You’ll need to create an account to claim it, but the dollars will be ready for you if the sender accurately enters your email address as the recipient.

But currently, buyers can also use Apple Pay, Google Pay, and debit/credit cards to pay for an item if the seller uses ‘Depop Payments’, by connecting their bank account to the app.

5. Set up your billing address

An important piece of information is your billing address. If you’re the owner of the company, you’ll need to update your billing address every time you move your office.  The same is true for one person. You’ll need to change your billing address with each relocation.

It allows you to contact your publisher and protect you from identity theft. Your sensitive and vital financial information is exposed to others if your billing address is not updated. This data may be sent to the wrong address or to the wrong person.

And it is also included in the laws of most countries that you keep your personal information up to date, including your billing address, with registration offices, healthcare providers, and other government agencies. This regulation is necessary for the government to maintain accurate citizen records.

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6. Start selling

At this point, you should tap on ‘your first item list’. then press the ‘Camera icon’ once again. Once you have completed all the first stages, you will need to submit four photos and one video, which is optional but will be of great help to you sell your goods.

  • A description, five hashtags, your location, relevant categories, shipping details, and product prices are all required. Once done, use the ‘Post list’ button.
  • After that, you have now successfully registered your first Depop item! You can now add as many things as you like to your list.
  • Things to avoid when you’re learning how to sell on Depop.
  • Sending goods without proof of delivery that can be monitored.
  • Contacting any user outside of the Depop app, we may not be able to take any action if something goes wrong.
  • Disclosing any personal information directly, such as email addresses, phone numbers, or social media handles
  • Taking payments outside of the Depop app – such as bank transfers, direct PayPal payments, Vemno, or cash – is risky, against the terms, and can leave you running out of money.
  • Selling prohibited products – Items that violate our guidelines may not qualify for Seller Protection.

And that’s how to sell on depop without PayPal. The method is very easy, right? If you already have the desire to sell on this platform, don’t forget to practice it!


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