How to Update Order Status on PayPal Easily (Shopify)

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As a customer, once you make an online purchase and the item is delivered, PayPal allows you to track the shipment easily. The platform displays a record of all your orders, including delivery status, from your PayPal History page. But many people wonder how to update order status on PayPal.

There is a very important difference that you should keep in mind: In PayPal order status options, you will see “Order Processed” and “Order Delivered”, and they have different meanings. Basically, a processed order means that there is a team assigned to work on the customer’s order and it will be delivered as soon as the team completes the work.

How to Update Order Status on PayPal easily

Now regarding the term “order delivered”, it means that the respective team has completed its work and they will proceed to deliver, deliver or deliver the product or service to the customer.

These orders are identified by a number, a tracking number, which is used to track your shipment and delivery of goods. In addition, this is information that can help resolve false disputes raised by other customers.

The tracking number also indicates the credibility and genuine behavior of the seller. This is a means for PayPal to verify partners are not committing fraud or fraudulent activity through its platform. Here, we’ll tell you how to add shipment tracking information to your PayPal account. But first, we must understand first how to update order status on PayPal.

How to update order status in PayPal

  • Go to the transaction details page
  • Select Add Tracking Info
  • Add or update the tracking number on the Order Status or Tracking Info page

As a seller, the best recommendation is to add online tracking to confirm shipments, which is one of the key requirements to be eligible for PayPal Seller Protection program. And make sure you’ve set up store pickup options on the checkout page when you select your preferred method.

  • Then, once you’ve entered your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping and shipping.

Under Local pickup options, click Manage next to the location you want to turn on. If you have multiple locations to choose from, go to ‘Show More’ to show all your preferred locations. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to have your location set up before you can select it.

  • Then, select ‘This location offers local pick-up.’
  • Under Information at checkout, change the settings as per your needs, and click Save.
  • You have the option under Message ready for pickup notifications, to enter pickup instructions for customers if you want.
Note: Keep in mind that if you add a hint to the ‘Fetch instructions’ field, then it will override any previous customizations or hints you added to the email body in the ‘Ready for capture’ template we saw earlier.

Ask Customers to View Last Transactions

In addition, you can ask customers to log into their PayPal account and find the transaction at their end and click “Confirm Receipt” to cash out. Otherwise, you will have to wait for a full 21 days for PayPal to withdraw funds.

So in that case, you can change the order status by following these steps:

  • Go to Your activity at the top of the page.

While you’re there, find the transaction you want to update, select ‘Actions’, and then click on the drop-down that appears. From the Transaction details page, you can create shipping labels or add tracking information to your sales

  • Click “Add tracking” in the drop-down list

At this point, you will realize that there are different options depending on whether the purchase is a tangible good or a service

If you’ve already sold tangible products or goods, select “Delivered” in the order status drop-down. Type in the tracking information and select the shipping carrier

If you are selling intangible goods or services, then select “Order Processed” (‘Tracking information not required’ will be checked)

Click “Submit”. Once you click this option, buyers will receive an email informing them that you have entered shipment tracking information for this transaction (if applicable). The email includes important information such as tracking number, order status, and shipping company.

If you use PayPal as a payment provider for Online Registration, you probably know that sometimes your registration is not confirmed automatically.

For example, you can find “Incomplete” registration on Main Street Sites (MSS) regardless of whether you receive payment confirmation from PayPal.

By default, the Main Street Sites rely on PayPal to send notifications (via “IPN Notifications”) when payment has been received. IPN notifications are PayPal generally reliable, but sometimes you never get IPN notifications.

If you enable PayPal Order Status Checker, the Main Street Site may be more proactive on your behalf by systematically voting PayPal on the status of the last registration payment activity.

In unusual situations where you do not receive IPN notifications, PayPal Order Status Checker can still determine whether payment has been made and, as a result, automatically update its registration status in your Main Street Site account.

As you can see, updating the status of your order is very simple and can be done in a few minutes. You can also update the status of your order through PayPal invoice. Which will help you and the customer track the product.

It is known that the preferred mode of payment is credit cards. However, some special ways are also debit cards, cash on delivery, checks, gift cards, electronic money, etc. Once payment is complete, goods and services can be delivered in several ways.

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Home delivery or In-store pickup from where customers can directly pick up their items from the nearest store. The online store can be accessed at any time of the day. Also payments can be made online 24×7 and the customer gets what he wants.

These stores have low prices because they reduce intermediary costs, and have a large customer base. A wide variety of goods are displayed so that the customer can have what he wants. Online stores have people’s reviews about products, making it easier for customers to choose their products. Detailed product information is also available.

Remember that the foundation of any successful ecommerce seller is a reliable store. We hope this article on PayPal arrangements and shopping tips can help you and your business. And good luck!


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