Terms of Establishing a Law Firm Service and How to Market It

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Law Firm or in Indonesian called Law Firm is a business entity consisting of several experienced advocates to help solve legal problems. A good and meritorious law firm’s services are built on the hard work of the company’s founders and partners.

Generally, Law Firm services assist the judicial process. However, sometimes the Law Firm also assists in solving problems outside the judiciary. Every Indonesian citizen has equal rights before the law.

Terms of Establishing a Law Firm Service and How to Market It

Unfortunately, not everyone has an understanding of how legal proceedings and lawsuits work. In fact, to obtain justice, an individual must understand how the legal process works.

Without proper legal consultation before filing a lawsuit, a person will get legal risks which in the end will be even more detrimental. To avoid legal risks when you want to file a lawsuit, it is advisable for an individual to conduct legal consultations.

All conditions, risks and potential for success can be questioned and dissected more deeply when undergoing legal consultation. Here is the important role of Law Firms as providers of legal consulting assistance services.

The main objective of the Law Firm is to provide legal services to the public, both personal and corporate, by upholding teamwork. The legal services provided by the Law Firm include:

Non-Litigation and Litigation Services

Non-Litigation is legal services by means outside the court, such as mediation and negotiation. Meanwhile, litigation is a legal service that goes through a judicial process.

Criminal and Civil Law

Criminal Law is the law that governs the entire law in a country. Meanwhile, Civil Law regulates relations between individuals in a country and is often influenced by social norms.

Environmental law

Environmental law contains a set of rules that regulate the pattern of interaction between humans and nature in order to achieve a harmonious natural balance.

Technology and Information Law

Rapid technological advances encourage the issuance of technology and information law. In general, technology law regulates all legal aspects that take place on the internet.

Labor and Employment

Labor law is a set of rules governing industrial relations between workers and employers. Thus, each party understands the obligations and rights of the other.

In choosing a Law Firm for legal consultation, a high degree of accuracy is required. Choose a Law Firm that has successfully completed various legal cases that provide high-quality professional legal services in order to provide solutions.

Terms of Establishment of a Law Firm

What are the requirements for establishing a firm? As a business actor, you must be familiar with this type of company, namely a firm. Before establishing a firm, there is nothing wrong with knowing in advance what the terms and procedures are like. Here’s the full review!

Terms of Firm Establishment

To be able to establish a firm, there are several conditions that you must meet, including:

  • Founded by a minimum of 2 people
  • Determining the name of the firm
  • Designing the main goal of establishing a clear firm
  • There is a domicile of the company
  • Deed of Incorporation
  • Firm TIN
  • Have a board of directors and active members
  • Firm Establishment Procedure
  • The following is the procedure for establishing a firm, including:

Determining the Firm Name

Before placing an order for a firm name, determine in advance whether the name of the firm taken has been used or not by another firm. We recommend that you prepare 3 names as a backup when checking the name of the firm. For the selection of names in accordance with the provisions in Permenkumham No.17/2018, with the following conditions:

Written in another letter.

  • has never been used legally by another firm in the Business Entity Administration System (SABU).
  • does not conflict with public order and/or decency.
  • not the same as or similar to the name of a state, government, or international institution, unless it obtains permission from the institution concerned.
  • other than that, it does not consist of numbers or series of numbers, letters, or series of letters that do not form words.

Deed Making

Then, to make a deed of establishment of a company, there are documents that business actors must prepare, including:

  • Photocopy of identity card or KTP of the founder of the company, at least 2 people.
  • Photograph of the person in charge
  • Photocopy of the United Nations in the last year
  • Company domicile letter
  • Company contract letter
  • Firm name

Management structure

The purpose and objectives of the firm’s business (entered business fields must be in accordance with the 5-digit KBLI).

Other related documents

In addition, the condition of the company must meet the requirements for the deed to be legalized. The requirement is that the company’s physical condition must be in the form of a building. If you do not meet these standards, you will not be able to make a deed.

Well, Vir This tual Office can be the right choice to get a domicile or company address in a commercial or office zone. Of course, this virtual office cuts building rental costs at an affordable cost. It even cuts costs by up to 90% when you compare it to conventional building rentals.

Notary Deed Signing

Furthermore, in the signing, all parties must be present. If authorized, you must complete a power of attorney complete with stamp duty. In addition, know the advantages and disadvantages of any firm!

Registration at Kemenkumham

After that, the notary will process the approval of the firm registration and submit an SKT (Registered Certificate) through the General Legal Administration (AHU) system of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to obtain legitimacy.

Application for Firm TIN Registration

In order to make a firm TIN, there are a number of documents that you must prepare. Find out the complete guide to making a TIN!

Making Business Registration Number (NIB)

Since the existence of Government Regulation No. 24 of 2018 Article 1 number 12 concerning Integrated Electronic Business Licensing Services or Online Single Submission (OSS) states that NIB is a business license.

Also, learn the terms and how to get the NIB. In addition, NIB is useful as a Company Registration Certificate (TDP), Customs access and Import Identification Number (API).

Business License Application

Then, apply for a business license as official proof of opening a business. Learn the business license or Trade Business License (SIUP).

In the management of SIUP, newly established companies require business domicile as a condition for issuing SIUP. You can use the Jakarta Virtual Office address as your business domicile.

How to Market the Right Legal Services

As an industry and business that must continue to be developed, various methods and tips are needed that focus on marketing legal services but at the same time avoiding actions that are considered a violation of the Indonesian Advocates’ Code of Ethics.

First, Create a Website.

The presence of law firms in the online world can start with the website of the law firm. However, there are several steps you need to take when you want to create a website for your law firm, including:

Get the latest news directly on your cellphone by joining the Whatsapp Group or Subscribe to the Telegram Channel. Simple and easy! And buy a domain name. You need a domain name that reflects your law firm as well as reflects where your firm’s business position is in the Indonesian law industry.

You can check the domain name on one of the sites to check the domain. The price of a domain name varies greatly and depends on the Top Level Domain or Country Top Level Domain that you will use.

Second, Think About Branding

As an advocate, you have to care about branding. The presence of your law firm online must reflect the ideals, goals, and ways of working of your law firm. This must be represented in the website design, layout, feel, images, and content on your law firm website.

To win the competition in search engines, your law firm’s website must have the right content and be delivered effectively to facilitate the indexation process in search engines.

Third, Consider listing your law firm in an online directory

Potential clients who are still looking for the services of an advocate generally use certain keywords in search engines such as Advocates, Advocate Services, Law Firms, and others. Results from search engines generally lead to listings of lawyers and law firms.

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Fourth, consider getting involved in providing legal education to the community.

To be better known in a particular business focus, your law firm should start considering providing various legal educations to the public. In addition to introducing your law firm, you can also add relationships that may later convert into your clients.

Fifth, Don’t Forget Content Marketing.

One of the advantages of creating legal content, generally the content is everlasting, as long as the legal rules have not changed. Of course the creation of legal content will benefit your firm in the long run.

That’s a little explanation about law firm services. Are you ready to create a law firm service?

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