Investment Advisors: Definition, Model, Up to 21 Registered Advisors

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Currently, there are many people who have entered the world of investment, both in conventional and Sharia banks. Many platforms offer a variety of easy ways for investors to become successful investors. However, many novice investors are trapped and even fail to invest even though many media have discussed it. therefore you need to use the services of an Investment Advisor.

This Investment Advisor is a service that serves and makes the right investment conditions for investors so as not to lose. in order to know more about what an Investment Advisor is, and the Types of Investment Advisors and how the management requirements are to get the right investment advisor, check out the following reviews that we summarize from various sources.

Getting to Know the Meaning and Duties of an Investment Advisor

Investment advisors, namely the person or institution, provide input in the form of advice or good information about investments so that investors can run their investments successfully. namu by law. Definition of investment advisor, which is a party who provides advice to other parties regarding the sale of securities purchases by procuring service rewards.

Not only about stocks but providing direction to potential investors to choose investment instruments that suit their needs, for example Bonds, mutual funds and etc. this is obviously different from investment managers, so that you know here are some types of investment advisors that you should know.

Types of Investment Advisors

You need to know that this Investment advisor is not only in one area, but there are several types of investment advisors, what are the types and types of investment advisors and their explanations

·         Certified Financial Planner

Parties who are professionals and have met the requirements of certified financial planner standards and have been declared to have passed the exam. In this type, of course, a party has extensive knowledge and expertise in financial planning. Starting from regulating investments, taxes, insurance, pension funds and so on

·         Stockbrokers

Generally, a person as a licensed representative of a brokerage company that buys and sells stock and bond securities. His job is to analyze finance, consulting and trading for clients. Then these stockbrokers are paid from securities commissions.

Companies registered with the Indonesian Securities Exchange Commission

·         Insurance Agents and Bankers

Actually, it is not specialized as an investment advisor, but this gene is licensed to sell and provide advice on insurance, stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

After that we will provide specific information about the role of an investment advisor, so here is more detailed information:

·         The Role of Investment Advisors in Indonesia

Quoted from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) website, basically the role of investment advisors is to provide various advice on investments that potential investors will run so as not to take the wrong step which leads to causing losses. This advice is in the form of selling and buying investments.

This investment advisory activity clings to the confidence of potential investors. Therefore, it is very important for the advisor to carry out his responsibilities, starting from prioritizing and safeguarding the interests of potential investors.

However, it is also worth remembering that as a potential investor who uses the services of an investment advisor, it must be in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Unfortunately, investment advisors in Indonesia are still less in demand among potential investors.

Even though its role is very helpful for you in choosing the right instrument. So, in March 2019, the Indonesian Investment Advisory Association (APII) was established to support the world of investment in Indonesia. Even with this association, investment advisors are more trusted.

After that we will provide special information about the Investment Advisory Terms, so here is more detailed information:

Requirements to Become an Investment Advisor

To become an investment advisor is also not arbitrary, so potential investors don’t have to worry about using their services. To know more, here are some of the requirements to become an investment advisor quoted from the OJK:

  • Individual Investment Advisors
  • Application form to apply for a business license
  • Fill out the form number V.C.1 which can be uploaded through the OJK website
  • Photocopy of investment manager representative’s permission
  • Indonesian citizen
  • Detailed description of all business activities
  • Investment Advisor in the Company
  • Application form to apply for a business license
  • Fill out form number V.C.1
  • Attach articles of association that describe the details of the company’s business activities
  • Company domiciled in Indonesia
  • Photocopy of investment manager representative’s permission
  • Description of the proposed business activities

Detailed organizational structure

  • Have facilities that support activities as an investment advisor
  • Photocopy of passport and work permit issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower for foreigners’ workers
  • In addition, being an Investment Advisor there are several things that you should know, for a more detailed explanation, see the explanation below:

Read more financial lawyer:

Prohibition of Investment Advisory Actions and Their Sanctions

  • Investment advisers should also not act recklessly. the prohibition for investment advisors has been regulated in the Financial Services Authority (POJK) Regulation No.5 / POJK.04 / 2019, as follows:
  • Requesting a very high reward compared to the reward requested by another Investment Advisor who provides the same service without notifying the customer that there is another service provider option.
  • Disclose the identity of the customer to a third party unless required by applicable laws and regulations.
  • Misrepresent the client as to the qualifications of the Investment Adviser, misrepresent the nature of the services rendered, or neglect to convey the material facts necessary so that the statements made with respect to the qualifications of the Investment Adviser, the nature of the services, and the facts of such material are not misleading.
  • Provide reports or suggestions to any client that were not prepared by him without mentioning the party who prepared the report or advice.
  • Promising a certain result that will be achieved if the client follows the advice given.
  • Advise customers with regard to the purchase, sale, or exchange of Securities without a rational rational basis.
  • Neglect to disclose in writing to the client before advice is given regarding a conflict of interest from an Investment Adviser that may reduce the objectivity of such advice.
  • Enter into, change, extend, shorten, or renew investment advice contracts without the written consent of the client.
  • Managing customer funds; and/or
  • Conducting Securities ratings for Investment Advisors who are not Securities rating companies.

If the investment advisor violates the regulations or make prohibited violations, the investment advisor will be subject to the sanctions that have been state in the investment advisor’s POJK. the following sanctions will be receive, including:

Article 3

  • Any Party who violates the provisions referre to in Article 2, is subject to administrative sanctions.
  • Sanctions as referre to in paragraph (1) are also impose on parties who cause violations as referred to in paragraph (1).
  • Sanctions as referre to in paragraphs (1) and (2) are impose by the Financial Services Authority.
  • Administrative sanctions as referred to in paragraph (1) are in the form of:
  • written warnings;
  • a fine is the obligation to pay a certain amount of money;
  • restrictions on business activities;
  • freezing of business activities;
  • revocation of business licenses;
  • cancellation of consent; and/or
  • cancellation of registration.

So, The procedure for imposing sanctions as referre to in paragraph (3) is carrie out in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations.

Administrative sanctions as referre to in paragraph (4) letter b, letter c, letter d, letter e, letter f, or letter g may be impose with or without precedence of the imposition of administrative sanctions in the form of a written warning as referre to in paragraph (4) letter a.

Administrative sanctions in the form of fines as referre to in paragraph (4) point b may be impose separately or jointly with the imposition of administrative sanctions as referre to in paragraph (4) letter c, letter d, letter e, letter f, or letter g.

Article 4

In addition to administrative sanctions as referred to in Article 3 paragraph (4), the Financial Services Authority may take certain actions against any Party who violates the provisions of this Financial Services Authority Regulation.

Article 5

So, The Financial Services Authority may announce the imposition of administrative sanctions as referred to in Article 3 paragraph (4) and certain actions as referred to in Article 4 to the public.

So that you do not choose fraudulent / illegal investment service users, we will provide several investment services that are truste and recognized by APII sources

Best Investment Advisor Recommendations

Choosing an investment advisor that is truste and also registere, becomes one of the important tips when you want to use the services of an investment advisor. base on the APII website, to date there are 21 investment advisory companies that can be use as an option, including:

  • PT Aberdeen Standard Investments Indonesia
  • PT Ashmore Asset Management Indonesia
  • PT Avrist Asset Management
  • PT AXA Asset Management Indonesia
  • PT Bina Investama Infonet
  • PT BNI Asset Management
  • PT BNP Paribas Asset Management
  • PT Eastspring Investments Indonesia
  • PT HB Capital
  • PT Heritage Amanah International
  • PT Insight Investments Management
  • PT Jagartha Investment Advisor
  • PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi
  • PT Manulife Aset Manajemen Indonesia
  • PT Moduit Digital Indonesia
  • PT Penasehat Investasi Indonesia
  • PT Pinnacle Persada Investama
  • PT PNM Investment Management
  • PT Surya Timur Alam Raya
  • PT UOB Asset Management Indonesia
  • PT Xdana Investa Indonesia

That’s the review of the Investment Advisor Requirements. if you have read the information above, there is nothing wrong with you trying. to invest so that your finances are safe and assets increase. for that if you are still hesitant to invest use some advisory services to help you in investing. that’s all these reviews. happy inventory.

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