Let’s Get Acquainted with 7 Consulting Professions and Their Duties

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In the professional world, the consulting profession is a very familiar thing. Because there are many companies or individuals who until now still use their services to get solutions and ways out for their business. It be in terms of business performance or other things.

Generally, most of us know consultants in various fields, such as finance, taxes, business, law, and much more? So, what is a consultant? Why are there still companies or individuals who still use their services? What are their duties in this field? Get the answer by reading this article about the consultant to completion.

What is a Consultant? Let’s Get Acquainted with 7 Consulting Professions and Their Duties


Understanding Consultants

When citing the definition in general of the meaning of consultants in the Big Indonesian (KBBI). It is said that consultants are experts whose job it is to give guidance and consideration. Other advice in research activity, trade, and so on.

It also has the meaning of being an advisor. What is a consultant is indeed defined as a helper in a particular field? But what you need to know. The function of the consultant itself can be broken down into various things according to the field taken.

There are at least two types of consultants, namely internal consultants and also external consultants. In-house consultants are those who work within the same company. And they can provide advice according to their field professionally and in detail.

External consultants are those outside the company. They will work for their clients. It be companies or individuals. Usually, their main tasks of them include providing services in the form of plans and development strategies needed by their clients. Identifying every problem and providing solutions, and much more.

Types of Consultants

Business Consultant

Business consultants are not only limited to providing advice to clients. But they must also be able to provide solutions or solutions to every problem faced by their business clients. Provide planning affairs, and also develop their clients’ business.

Some of the abilities that must be possessed by a business consultant are being able to communicate actively in terms of providing information that is appropriate for his client’s business, and understanding some useful business applications for the businessman. And having strong problem-solving capabilities.

In addition, they must also be able to make strategies and targets for a long period of time, must be specific and thorough in every business information they get, have good time management, and other capabilities related to the business world.

Then, what are the benefits that can obtain by a company when using their services?

Companies or business people can avoid financial losses because they implement inappropriate strategies have many plans in overcoming various business problems. Achieve company targets and profits in a fast way, expand relationships, and much more.

In addition, business people can also feel the increase in sales. It is able to maximize the performance of its employees, and make the company’s performance more efficient. And a consultant can help business people in conducting audits properly.

Tax Consultant

Tax consultants are those who are in charge of providing consulting services relate to various issues relate to taxpayers in order to perform their obligations and rights in accordance with the regulations of tax law in Indonesia.

There are certain conditions that must be pocket to be able to become a tax consultant, namely having to pass a certification exam and various other completeness. In addition, the legal entity of tax consultants must also be in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Finance No. 111/PMK.03.2014 relate to tax consultants. They must obtain a permit issue by the Director-General of Taxes and be able to comply with the Tax Consultant Certification Exam or USKP.

Companies that use their services will get a lot of benefits, such as not going to be burdene with various administrative problems and tax reports, because there are already those who overcome them.

In addition, companies can also avoid potential miscalculations and tax payments, can focus more on operational activities and business developments in the future, have tax documents that are in accordance with legislation, able to make tax plans, and much more.

Tax consultants will also make tax plans so that business people can get maximum benefits, consultations relate to corporate tax issues, tax restitution or refunds of excess tax payments, and provide assistance in tax checks including preparing documents. A tax consultant will also provide services relate to tax disputes experience by his clients, and various other services relate to the world of taxation.

Financial Consultant

Financial consultants are those who are already very skill and professional in financial matters, where advice and solutions from them can be use to solve financial problems, be it corporate or individual financial problems.

Usually, they will help their clients in planning finances, targets, and ways to achieve them. In addition, they will also make financial statements and positions, as well as manage the client’s financial problems for a long period of time.

In order to become a credible financial consultant, you must have a certification that is tangible proof of and professionalism of your work. There are at least three certificates that must be pocket by financial consultants, namely CMA (Certify Management Accountant), CFA (Certify Financial Planner) and CIA (Certify Internal Auditors).

Civil Consultant

Civil consultants have an important role in the construction of structures and buildings of a building. A civil consultant is a person who is engage in the field of services in order to make plans for adevelopment project. The planning they provide is in the form of structural planning, electrical, mechanical, and much more.

Some of the things they usually do are making all the development plans. Providing the right opinions and suggestions in order to achieve development goals. And sketching out detail drawings that will be make. In addition, they must also calculate in detail the plan and volume of work, make a budget plan and ensure that the work project in the field runs according to the plan.

Marketing Consultant

The function of the consultant as it should be is divide into the field involve. One of them is a marketing consultant. This profession requires an ability to provide motivation and a good way to get customer interest. What is a marketing consultant is also one of the professionals sought to know how the right marketing techniques so that a product sells well in the market.

The wages earn by a marketing consultant lie in flying hours and also in what business fields require consulting services. First, you can get it from a bachelor’s degree. Then work experience and after that, it is a matter of getting clients. Try to tidy up your portfolio of work well and impress clients.

In addition, it’s a good idea to strengthen your potential by taking a special certificate from the Marketing Association so that you look more convincing. The purpose of a consultant is to have your own brand or business. If you already have a variety of experience, it doesn’t hurt to open your own marketing consultant services.

Project Consultant

A project consultant is a person or business entity who is in charge of supervising the implementation of a project so that its implementation can run well and can be complete on time. Usually, project consultants are recruite by the project owner as reinforcements to alleviate while ensuring the quality of the construction project is in accordance with its standards. In general, a project consultant also has experts who are trust in the field of architects, civil engineering, electrical. And others as consulting amplifiers.

Before starting a consultant job. You should not forget to make a contract of work for both parties. So that the task is clear and avoids unwante things in the future. In addition to the advice and input provide. The project consultant is also in charge of making a final report of all evaluations that have been carry out during the project. In addition to being one of the portfolios of a consultant. This evidence can be use by the project owner to correct the next project to be create.

Legal Consultant

Next, get to know what a legal consultant is. A legal consultant is a legal expert who is in charge of providing advice on carrying out non-litigation duties. The point is that a legal consultant cannot accompany his client in court. Legal consultants are only task with providing a sharp analysis of one deeper legal case.

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The purpose of sharpening legal analysis as a consultant is to accompany a body on its journey to make a business that has follow the existing legal rules. No wonder many of the big companies have one legal consultant who does not change. Because he is believe to have experience in overcoming legal history in the company. Are you interest in trying this profession?

So, consultants are those who are in charge of providing opinions, suggestions, advice. And solutions to problems experience by their clients, be it companies, organizations, or individuals. A consultant will provide services in the form of planning and development strategies in the fields he master. Such as business, tax, finance, civil, and many more. Good luck!

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