What Are The Prospects Of Management Degree Salary

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The job prospects of financial management are unquestionable. A large selection of interesting career opportunities awaits graduates in this field. Therefore, what are the prospects for a management degree salary?

Want to know what the prospects and job opportunities in the field of financial management are? This time I will discuss the prospects and job opportunities in the field of financial management. Before discussing that, we need to be clear what the meaning of management itself is. And what are the prospects for a management degree salary? For that, see the following review.

What Are The Prospects Of Management Degree Salary

What is management?

Management is a process to achieve goals that includes planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Therefore, management knowledge can be said to be the oldest knowledge in the world. Because since humans began to live in groups, they have already begun management, that is, planning, organizing, and managing all processes to achieve goals.

This includes roles and responsibilities, as do women’s cooking, men’s hunting, and others. So it’s not surprising that many think that business and management majors are the most conducive majors, and of course, this knowledge will be used and it will also be easier to find a job.

Reasons to Choose a Financial Management Major

Of course, there are many reasons why a person decides to major in financial management when pursuing higher education, such as:

  • Bright job prospects
  • It is simple to live.
  • Rarely required

Of course, everyone must have their own reasons. However, it is undeniable that there are a series of realistic reasons why the management department is present and ready to accommodate those who are interested in this field. Find out some of the reasons they chose to major in financial management. Check out the following reviews:

Management Job Prospects in

Let’s just look at the management job prospects that you can try along with the following salary ranges:

1.      Business Development

For those of you who are management graduates, the business development profession can really be tried. Most of the job descriptions in business management job prospects are related to the business development of a company, and you can see this from the internal side as well as the external side.

Several companies in the country are connected to these job vacancies with the condition that they can come from all study programs, including management majors. The salary range is Rp6 million to Rp8 million per month for fresh graduate levels.

2.     HRD

You can also try to join the Human Resources Department division. His duties relate to the internal affairs of the company in question regarding staffing. To make it easier, it’s a good idea if you major in financial management when you are in college, especially if it’s related to HR. Then what is the HRD’s salary? Well, the range is from Rp5 million to Rp8 million for beginners.

3.     Marketing

Meskpuni does not have any special skills that can be learned by marketing graduates, but you can still try to work in that position. Marketing more or less deals with the development of the company’s business lines and also adds corporate brand awareness in the eyes of the population using its products. The salary of a marketer at the senior level can reach IDR 20 million to IDR 50 million per month.

4.     Marketing Job Prospects (Sales)

Of course, if you access a job vacancy site, of course, the majority of lockers contain sales positions. No need to worry, because sales are the spearhead of the company in seeking profit. If you are successful and always achieve the targets that have been announced by your boss, there is a possibility that you will be promoted quickly. His salary ranges from IDR 5 million to IDR 9 million per month. Are you interested in trying it out?

5.     Management of Trainees

The fifth management job prospect is Management Trainee (MT), also known as education management. In the last decade, the job prospects of education management have indeed been sought after by domestic and foreign companies to find potential worker seeds. In general, here you will follow the training process as well as work for one to two years with standing contract employees.

During the period, you will be positioned in several divisions, after which an assessment will be held to assess which position matches your abilities. If it passes, then you will be tied up as a permanent employee. The salary range varies between companies. However, the figure is in the range of IDR 6 million to IDR 12 million per month.

6.     Management Degree Salary of Professor

Management graduates can also go into academia. The trick is that you can apply for the job as a lecturer. However, there are conditions. Before becoming a lecturer, you need to attain the S2 education level as the minimum requirement set by the government. The goal is to improve the quality of education in Indonesia in the future. The management degree salary of a lecturer is approximately IDR 8 million to IDR 20 million per month, depending on your experience and place of teaching.

7.     Management Degree Salary of Teller at a bank

This management job prospect is perfect for those of you who like to communicate directly with others. The main job description of a bank teller is to serve bank customers who want to deposit or transfer money through a sub-branch office. The amount of money you can earn in a month if you become a bank teller is around Rp. 5 million to Rp. 8 million for fresh graduates.

8.     Management Consultant Job Prospects

Becoming a consultant can be the next interesting option for management job prospects. Most of your time will be spent meeting with clients and finding them solutions to the problems they are facing. Senior consultants who have worked for more than five years can get a salary of approximately IDR 15 million to IDR 50 million per month.

9.     Management Degree Salary of Financial Personnel

It may be that sitting in the seat of the financial division was still unthinkable before. For those of you who are majoring in management, However, in reality, the position is still open for the study program, as long as you have good financial skills, of course. The salary of a fresh graduate who sits in the financial division is at a nominal value of IDR 5 million to IDR 9 million per month.

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10. Job Opportunities in Operations Management

The work of the operational division in question is to have a fairly wide scope, starting from logistics operations, offices, and factories. So just adjust it to the ability you have in that field. The starting salary for an operational staff ranges from IDR 6 million to IDR 8 million per month.

11. Job Opportunities in Banking Management

Not only is being a bank teller, but the prospect of management work related to banking is to becoming a supervisor. This position is higher compared to the teller. However, his responsibility is greater because of his duty to supervise other employees who are serving clients. The salaries of those at this level range from IDR 8 million per month to IDR 15 million.

Well, those are some job prospects for management degree salaries that you can know about. Therefore, management majors are currently of great interest because there are many prospects and the salary range is also quite large. So for those of you who want to go to college, there is nothing wrong with majoring in management.

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