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Along with asset growth and increasing long-term needs, you certainly need the right partner who can help you manage them. This is often called wealth management or wealth management, which is an investment advisory service and financial planning.

Together with wealth management services, you can take into account all financial needs in the long run, make the right preparation and investment, so that you can achieve financial independence. You will be accompanied by a Relationship Manager who has expertise on various investment instruments, global economic development, to risk calculation. They are your mainstay partners to achieve financial goals and manage assets to grow.

On this occasion, we will provide a review of the wealth management offered by banks in Indonesia. Here’s the review.

BRI Priority

BRI Prioritas is a program from Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) that prioritizes the comfort and convenience of Selected Individuals through various special services and privileges provided to support the lifestyle of customers.

The BRI Prioritas provides banking services and services for BRI Prioritas Selected Individuals, which includes not only banking services and services in general, but also financial and investment planning consulting services, insurance (bancassurance), and pension fund planning.

You, as a Selected Person of BRI Prioritas, can use the BRI Prioritas card as an identity card to obtain banking services at the BRI Priority Service Center (SLP), as well as exclusive services in the BRI Bank Work Unit. In addition, this card also serves as an ATM Card and BRI BritAma Savings Debit Card.

In addition to the ease of accessing funds at ATMs with maestro, Cirrus, Link, ATM Bersama, Prima and Bank BRI logos, BRI Prioritas Cards also give you a larger transaction limit. So, you can also use the BRI Prioritas Card as a Mastercard Premium Debit Card that can be used to shop at all merchant networks with the Master Card logo, and can be included in the Mastercard International Premium Debit program. This service is the first in Southeast Asia.

To become a priority customer of BRI there are several requirements that must be met. Individual Customers of Bank BRI with a total portfolio of at least IDR 500,000,000, – in the form of deposits (savings, current accounts, and deposits), investment products, and Bancassurance, as well as other criteria that have been determine by Bank BRI, can become a Priority BRI Selecte Person.

Management Products of BNI: BNI Emerald

BNI Wealth Management is one of the programs from Bank Negara Indonesia that offers a variety of investment products tailore to the risk profile of its customers. The variety is quite complete, ranging from mutual funds and bonds.

One of its products is BNI Emerald which ensures benefits with various facilities, such as providing a professional and dedicate RM in every need. Not only that, BNI Emerald is expecte to provide solutions and meet investment needs supporte by advisory services from RM & Wealth Management specialist team and complete investment transaction features in BNI Mobile Banking.

Management Products of BNI: For Your Banking Needs

Bni Emerald special customers will get products and services specifically designe according to your needs and desires, through the main products, namely BNI Emerald Investment and BNI Emerald Protection, and BNI Emerald Banking Products, which are expecte to increase and protect your portfolio.

As a form of appreciation, BNI Emerald customers will be given a recognition card in the form of BNI Emerald World Debit Card. This card is valid as a debit card that can be use to transact and shop as well as an ATM Card that can be accesse throughout the Mastercard network around the world. To provide special services, BNI Emerald has 3 card variants, namely BNI Emerald World Debit – Private Banking, Priority Banking and Personal Banking.

By having a BNI Emerald World Debit card, you can enjoy the premium facilities provide for BNI Emerald customers including BNI Emerald Airport Limo Service, BNI Emerald Hospital Guarantee, BNI Emerald Overseas Education Assistance and BNI Emerald Private Jet & Heli Service.

Especially for BNI Emerald World Debit Priority and Private Banking Card holders, another privilege that you can enjoy is BNI Emerald Privilege with GarudaPriority Service when you travel using Garuda Indonesia, both domestic and international flights.

BNI Emerald is the only national banking service in Indonesia that provides BNI Global Wealth Management services that can be utilize through BNI Branch Offices abroad, namely in London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, and Myanmar.

Management Products of BNI: A Good Investment

In addition to conventional banking products such as savings, deposits, and current accounts, BNI Emerald also provides a variety of investment instruments. One of them is an investment instrument that you can use is Mutual Fund, which is a complete means of choice of investing from a number of leading Investment Managers who have collaborate with BNI, such as BNI Asset Management. Various types of mutual funds provide by BNI are tailore to your profile and risk tolerance, including Mutual Fund Supermarkets, Protecte Mutual Funds, and Periodic Mutual Funds.

In addition, you can also choose other investment product instruments, namely Stocks. Through Referral Equity Brokerage with BNI Securities, you can choose the desire stocks as a place to invest.

Another variety of investment products provide by BNI Emerald are Bond products. Both bond products available in the primary market and secondary market. For bonds, BNI Emerald provides additional benefits, in the form of information regularly about bond products that are available in the market. Advice, and assistance on investment options.

Whatever form of investment you make. BNI Emerald will always help and guide you in making the best and wise decisions to get the most optimal return.

Management Products of BNI: Protect Your Life

Insurance is important to ensure protection and security in various aspects of your life. Through bank insurance products (bancassurance). BNI Emerald in collaboration with BNI Life offers various types of insurance products according to your needs.

These insurance products include Life Insurance. Which provides financial protection against risks that may occur in the insurance period. Whether cause by an accident or not an accident; Health Insurance. Which provides a sense of security with the guarantee of health or care costs for you and your family. As well as Education Insurance. Which provides a guarantee of education funds for the future of your baby for any financial risks that may occur.

In addition to the three types of insurance above. BNI Emerald also provides protection through Motor Vehicle Insurance, Fire Insurance, Investment Insurance, and Old Age Insurance. All of them are flagship insurance products that provide a sense of security and tranquility for you and your family.

Management Products of BNI: Independent Priorities

Mandiri prioritas is an exclusive service from Bank Mandiri specifically for you special customers. In addition to receiving exclusive services and the best facilities, you also get special attention to financial growth. Priority Banking Officer and Relationship Manager independent priorities always align financial growth with your portfolio and characteristics.

Priority Self-Advantages

Being an exclusive customer certainly has various advantages that can be enjoye. In addition to getting more exclusive services from banks, exclusive customers can also enjoy various benefits, namely:

  • Free annual fee Mandiri credit card.
  • Meeting room.
  • Safe deposit box medium size.
  • Birthday presents.
  • Welcoming pack and souvenirs.
  • PBO/RM.
  • Electronic priority magazine.
  • Private jet.
  • Health consulting services.
  • Executive waiting room.
  • Airport handling.
  • Overseas education assistance.
  • E-consolidate statement.
  • Free valet parking.
  • Private events, and so on.

Exclusive customers are also entitle to get Mandiri Fiestapoin which can be exchange for various attractive prizes from Bank Mandiri.

BTN Priority

Pt. Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk is a State-Owne Enterprise (BUMN) engage in Banking. Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk presents BTN Prioritas which is an exclusive and special service for you. In addition to receiving exclusive services and the best facilities, you also get special attention to financial growth. Priority Banking Officer and Priority Banking Manager always align financial growth with your portfolio and characteristics.

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As for through PLUS by BTN Prioritas, the benefits that customers can enjoy are at least five benefits. First, you can enjoy a variety of loyalty rewards from selecte merchants / partners to meet customer needs ranging from lifestyle, hotel and travel, dining, gadgets, daily needs, hobbies to health.

Second, the ease of choosing and determining for yourself the loyalty rewards that customers need including to celebrate special days. Such as birthdays and / or religious holidays. Third, Concierge services for the ease and convenience of reservations and information for various customer needs such as lifestyle. Wellness, travel and airport transfer.

Fourth, there are membership coupons for customers who routinely enjoy sports hobbies such as Golf to select Hotel and Restaurant memberships. Then the fifth. The ease of the redemption process through website-base services so that customers can access PLUS by BTN Prioritas. And carry out the loyalty reward redemption process from anywhere and anytime.

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