Skills and Responsibilities of a Sales Finance Officer

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Staff sales finance in financial institutions have responsibility in carrying out sales activities for financial products, such as savings, time deposits, credit cards, home ownership loans (KPR), motor vehicle ownership loans, loans for business capital, and so on.

Sales finance in financial institutions also has the task of developing business partners to sell various kinds of financial instruments, such as investment funds. Usually a salesperson at a financial institution uses various ways of offering his products, such as sales at the counter and visits to companies / individuals.

Well, because the task is to sell intangible goods, it requires the ability in communication to build a relationship of trust in the eyes of potential customers.

Roles and Responsibilities

Providing product offers from a financial institution to consumers (for example, savings, time deposits, credit cards, home ownership loans (KPR), motor vehicle ownership loans, and others).

  • Describes the specifics of financial products sold to consumers.
  • Assessing whether prospective customers deserve financing from financial institutions.
  • Monitoring customer credit financing.
  • Providing consultation on financial products to be sold to prospective customers.
  • Provides a simulation of the calculation of costs that must be incurred and explains the benefits that will be obtained by consumers.
  • Communicate with customers.
  • Manage sales of financial products.

Skills that must be possessed to become a sales finance

Because of its function that will help customers manage finances when participating in the company’s insurance program. We have summarized the welding skils needed if you want to become a financial salesperson. Check out the details below!

1. Perseverance

Follow up has become a routine menu for sales finance people who should not miss it every day. Prospective clients whose data is obtained from various sources must be processed immediately, namely by calling the numbers list, one by one.

Rejection is certainly one of the consequences of your work. If it has been reject, you can proceed to the next prospective client, no need to force your offer to be accept immediately. If there is a response to ask to be contact at another time or day, you can record and chase again according to the time that the prospective client specific. Perseverance must but insistence is not the right way to survive in the sales industry.

2. Time management

Having a book or record of daily activities is important for professionals, especially those of you who have to follow up with hundreds of (prospective) clients every day. Careful sales finance will divide each name into several categories according to the progress of the process.

For example, the book section mark P for potential clients, IP for prospective clients who have enter the negotiation stage, and D for a row of clients who have officially become the responsibility or successfully reach.

These simple things will help those of you who work as sales finance to determine follow-up activities every day, which group of clients should be work on more and who are already walking.

The quality of a sales finance like this will certainly be sought after and become a company asset because it has a clear timetable. Good time management will go a long way in helping this position.

3. Sense of care and empathy

If you have subordinates in the office (sales staff), a sense of care and empathy is what makes you like by your men. A sales finance person certainly already has more flying hours than his staff.

Problems in facing tasks and clients experience by staff have also been felt by sales finance. Your experience should make you have concern with your subordinates and encourage you to work together to meet company targets.

You can also apply a high sense of care to clients because basically, a good sales finance must also be able to position itself as a client. If you have and are already an expert in this skill, of course the clients will feel happy and at home being help.

The possibility of your service or product being recommend to fellow clients will also be open because of the satisfaction obtain from your company’s services or products.

4. Tell a Story

Offering directly a product or service is a method that should be avoid in sales.  Instead of getting clients, sales finance will be easily rejecte because the way it is introduce is not elegant. A good way of introducing or offering products is to tell stories.

The thing you tell you doesn’t have to directly lead to the potential client’s plan to buy or use your services, but first find out the daily life. The needs of your own family or client, and the work in general.

After telling the story, you have to quickly analyze the points that can be relate to the product you want to offer. Then you can inform if there is a product that can be useful for these potential clients.

At the beginning of the introduction, a sales finance person must also act as a storyteller who holds the script and can master the atmosphere. When potential clients feel comfortable telling stories and you start to be trust, sales matters will be smoother later.

5. A personalized approach in the professional area

This skill does not mean that you have to enter the client’s personal realm or be too familiar and close to them. Sales finance needs to take a different approach to each client, according to their character and needs.

The way of communicating with a client whose profession is a doctor and another client who is a soldier will certainly be different. In order for sales finance to survive with various types of clients, you must be flexible using various methods.

Likewise, when you enter another type of company but still work as a salesperson, the way to explore the commodity is certainly not the same. To become an expert in this skill, sales finance does have to go through a lot of experience and not give up easily or kapok.

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6. Sensitive and familiar with technology

The digital era also has an impact on the duties and roles of sales finance of a company. In the past, prospective bank clients could only be invite to communicate via telephone or meet face-to-face in an office with a comfortable room.

Nowadays, many clients prefer practical communication through applications such as WhatsApp, and Telegram, or even reprimanding through social media accounts such as Instagram. Although the market share is parents, they often prefer to be greete through short message applications because they can be read while doing other activities.

Applications or software that can be attache to your gadget as sales finance will also help to be up to date with developments outside. News portals, applications to check stock prices, and currency movements are just a few of the technologies that will help your job as a sales finance. To survive in the era of technology, of course, you must not be confuse.

7. Writing

In relation to everything that is personalize and like by the client, the task of sales finance does not stop at offering products only. Writing is a skill that can make you get more attention and client interest.

Through effective communication language, you can attract clients who are more intereste in info on the website or email than hearing explanations via phone. When you write an email, it also takes a short but persuasive writing skill so that the news in the email is read by your client.

Copywriting skills, which were not familiar in sales finance circles, are now one the important skills that can be use even when companies give a larger share of technology than their employees to do tasks and achieve targets.

Those are the skills that need to be mastere if you want to pursue a career as a sales finance person. The point is, to face the changing times and technology, you can’t just stick to certain abilities.

If they want to be successful in dealing with their daily work, they must now hone new skills, such as good writing techniques and a deep understanding of sales-specific software. So, with that, are you still intereste in becoming a sales financer?

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