Wealth Management Services from Foreign Banks in Indonesia

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Wealth management services or wealth management are usually the flagship program of banking institutions devoted to top-level customers. This service provides many benefits for customers. Starting from a special waiting room, the existence of a wealth manager and more.

In Indonesia itself, the pioneer of wealth management services is foreign banks. this is because at first, the service did come from abroad precisely in the United States. Only then did local banks in Indonesia begin to follow.

Well, here we will give a review related to wealth management services from foreign banks in Indonesia.

BCA Priority

BCA Prioritas is present as a form of prestigious banking service for selected BCA customers. This service has been around since 1996. BCA Prioritas is committed to providing special services where BCA customers can be served on the BCA Prioritas network with a variety of outstanding banking and non-banking services and facilities.

BCA Prioritas is an exclusive and prestigious program or service from BCA bank for special customers or selected customers. Customers who enter BCA Prioritas membership are customers who receive invitations directly from BCA, that is, not all BCA customers can become BCA Prioritas members. Because there are certain requirements that must be met.

The requirements to become a BCA Prioritas customer are among them having a balance settled for the last year at least (minimum balance) of IDR 500 million. The balance must be stored in savings / current accounts, deposits, investments or a combination of the three.

Not everyone can become a BCA Prioritas customer.

Therefore, those who have become BCA Prioritas customers will get some special and exclusive services. This is because being a customer of Prioritas BCA (BCA Prioritas) does not only depend on the nominal deposit or savings of customers at BCA. This is because membership is exclusive and invitational. And BCA Prioritas’s monthly admin fee is Rp. 500,000.

Here are the various facilities, benefits and privileges that will be obtained by BCA Prioritas customers:

  • BCA Prioritas customers are entitled to special services at 178 Priority Lounge locations throughout Indonesia for the convenience of banking and non-banking transactions.
  • In addition Get special services and rates for all personal banking and business development needs.
  • Exclusive communication media that allows customers to get special offers and the latest business information from Prioritas e-Magazine, BCA Prioritas Website, and BCA Mobile application.
  • In additionAirport Lounge Access, which is getting free access to airport lounges at various airports in Indonesia.
  • Moreover Wealth Management, which is getting excellent service offers from insurance, mutual fund investments, to bonds.
  • So BCA Young Community, which is a special community for the younger generation of BCA Solitaire customers and Prioritas Gets a special rental price safe deposit box to protect valuable assets.

Bond investments

Bca customers can easily own bonds, such as Sukuk, ORI, or other corporate bonds. Customers can also consult before choosing which bond is right.

Forex services

Priority BCA customers can exchange forex at a special rate. thus customers no longer need to go to the money changer.


Priority BCA customers can also get a variety of insurance products from partner insurance companies selected by BCA.

24-hour service at 1500222

There is a 24-hour service for priority BCA customers for information needs and adjustment of banking problems at number 1500222.

DBS Treasure

DBS Treasures is a priority bank that provides premium priority wealth management servers to DBS bank priority customers. The DBS is Asia’s leading financial services group with a presence in 18 markets. Headquartered in Singapore, DBS has three main pivots of Asian growth: Greater China, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. The bank credit predicates “AA-” and “Aa1” are among the highest in the world.

The DBS Treasures service from Bank DBS Indonesia is a service for priority customers that provides a series of deposit and investment product solutions with the support of an experienced Dedicated Relationship Manager. not only that, DBS Treasures service from BANK DBS Indonesia also provides other exclusive privileges for its customers.

Here are the benefits you will get from dbs treasure service:

Dedicated Wealth Relationship Manager

In this service, you can plan and get wealth management solutions with Relationship Manager dedicated specifically to you and supported by Wealth Specialists in their fields, including Investment Specialist, Treasury Specialist, Insurance Specialist, and Home Loan Specialist.

Digitally Connected

You can access banking services that you can manage anytime anywhere through the digibank by DBS Application. This will make it easier for you to make banking and investment transactions for 7 days, 24 hours in your hands.

Comprehensive Banking Products and Latest Market Insights

You can take advantage of various opportunities for various investment products available, such as Savings, Deposits, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Protection Products, and Home Ownership Loans.

Speciality Series

The DBS Treasures service also provides a variety of privileges and services to support your lifestyle, including:

Airport Assistance Services

Enjoy the fast track immigration in Jakarta and Surabaya. Exclusive Transportation Service one (1) direction from the Airport to the city center in Jakarta and Surabaya. Sapphire Lounge at Terminal 2 of Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Jakarta. Meet & Assist with Delight Voucher at a restaurant that collaborates at Terminal 3 of Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Jakarta.

Special Gift

Bank DBS Indonesia always cares about its customers, one of which is by giving special gifts to you on special days such as birthdays and holidays that you celebrate as a DBS Tresures customer.

Comprehensive Health Check

Guests can enjoy health screening facilities in Indonesia with services from DBS Treasures.

Safe Deposit Box

As a priority customer, you can store valuable assets in dbs treasures safe deposit box. There are several sizes that you can choose from; S, M, L. For more information and availability of Safe Deposit Boxes, you can contact your Relationship Manager or the nearest branch

Special Events

As a Priority Customer at event, you will be invite to various special events. such as lifestyle-themed events, banquets, and information about the latest economy to add to your investment insights.

Visa Platinum Debit Card Ease of cash withdrawal at DBS/POSB ATMs in Singapore or at any ATM with VISA/Plus logo around the world.

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HSBC Premier

HSBC Premier is a priority service of HSBC bank. As the name implies, premier banking or better known as priority banking is the services, benefits, and privileges provide by the bank to certain customers. The benefits obtaine by customers in priority banking include:

  • Responsive, fast, and easy service so there are no obstacles for customers to communicate with the bank.
  • In addition, Relationship manager who is dedicate to helping priority banking customers in terms of financial planning, asset management and development through wealth management and various banking services for various daily needs.
  • Customers get preferential rate reductions on each transaction or, in some cases, are free of charge at all.
  • In addition Certain banks that offer priority banking services usually offer special foreign exchange rates beyond international transfer fee waivers.
  • In certain financial institutions, priority banking customers will get lower interest rates for home loans or personal loans.
  • Priority banking customers will also get special rights to support their lifestyle, such as access to airport premium lounges in a region, special invitations to various events, shopping special offers, and other exclusive offers.

International banking services that make it easier for customers to transact and do business abroad. With the ease of conducting international banking transactions, priority banking customers will increasingly benefit.

That was the review of Wealth Management Services from Foreign Banks in Indonesia. Good luck!

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