Financial Plan Before Marriage That You Must Meet

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Finances are one of the things that can be a double-edged knife for any couple who is about to get married. On the one hand, financial intimacy is important to form the closeness and internal strength of the couple, no matter how heavy the financial condition of the two is. Financial planning is very important before going home.

On the other hand, financial problems are also a challenge in itself that has the potential to cause rifts in the household. For those of you who are getting married, it is important to start planning financial affairs. How? Check out the financial planning that can be done by those of you who are going to get married.

Financial Plan Before Marriage That You Must Meet

1. Knowing the Shared Vision

As two individuals who will be bound in one bond, you and your partner should already recognize each other’s vision of life. You can derive your vision of marriage from both visions of life.

The magnitude of the wedding vision can determine the picture of the household budget that you will form. There will be family dreams formed if the visions are unified.

2. Study Possible Expenses

If you have determined the vision of the family, then detail the mission and ideals of the two of you. For example, want to have what goods or assets, want to have children when, want to continue their education or work where.

For example, if you are going to form a household that is selective in buying things, you could spend a lot of money to buy expensive and durable items. If you orient your child to a good education, it is likely that the funds are also not small. Prepare these budgets and their management methods.

3. Forming Financial Openness

Financial openness is important, from positive things like salaries to things like negative debt. Be aware that when you decide to get married, your husband’s funds become family funds and the wife’s funds can be divided in half into personal and family funds.

The financial burden can now be handled in twos. Whatever happens to the couple’s finances, it can affect the family’s finances as a whole. Start talking about these financial issues before getting married. Be open with your potential partner, both in the usual approach method and for those of you who use the ta’aruf method.

4. Know the Assets Owned

In addition to discussing financial expenses, it also discusses the assets owned by you and your partner, as well as asset plans in the household. For example, a couple wants a golden dowry. This dowry is intended to add to the assets of the family. This is certainly a positive request that you must meet.

In addition to the asset type, when you are married and make sure that your partner can be trusted, tell him or her access to the asset. Just in case you don’t, your partner can continue managing these assets.

5. Create a Two-Person Account

As a family emergency fund or daily family fund, create an account filled by both of you. This will be very easy for a working couple. Set aside a few percent of the salary to serve as savings for the two. You can use this savings in the future, especially when there is a sudden problem.

6. Plan Your Dream Expenses

Plan your and your partner’s dreams well. For example, you want to buy land and houses in a certain area. Want to get schoolchildren abroad. Want to have a company together. Then start planning the financial management.

7. Create a Two-Person Account with a Certain Big Goal

This account is different from the previous point because this account is separate from daily household funds. Intend to take the hajj in the future? Intending to buy a patch of land in an elite area? Create an account for both of you so that you can feel the joy of struggling to collect money together to make dreams come true.

There are many facilities in the bank that you can take advantage of. For example, savings on the cost of going on the Hajj, time deposits, children’s education savings, and others. Give a few percent of your salary to these savings every time you receive a salary. Little by little, after a long time it became a hill, right?

8. Maintain Your Own Account

In addition to the accounts of the two, each individual must have its own account. This account aims to meet the needs of each of them. It is more private, but it is better to share the problems that exist in each account, so that they can be solved together. At a minimum for advice and solutions from a partner.

9. Effective wedding budget (Financial Plan)

Determining a wedding budget is an option. You can choose a big or small celebration for your wedding party. You can add unnecessary but entertaining things. It’s a choice.

The best choice is to wisely determine the budget of the wedding party. You can select items that can be obtained at low prices but quality from experienced vendors. There are many decorations that can be done by yourself. There are many services from acquaintances that you can offer along with your discounts of course.

10. Apply the “Big Picture” Thinking Method

Financial issues are indeed sensitive issues. Families can be divided just because of financial problems. Make it a habit to see a problem with the whole, don’t clamor with horse glasses. Sometimes small things or links to certain people can help you and your partner solve problems, especially financially.

11. Plan Steps to Fulfill the Family Economy (Financial Plan)

If you and your husband have a certain professional plan after marriage, plan a portion of the family’s economic fulfillment properly so as not to be one-sided and trigger divisions. Your ego can be emptied even by financial matters. This portion of fulfillment helps you to stay enthusiastic about doing activities because there is a family waiting for your whereabouts and funds at home.

12. Don’t Forget to Give

In roomy and difficult conditions, do not forget to give. In an airy condition, giving can increase the grace you receive, because you receive both financial favors and spiritual favors. Under cramped conditions, looking at the smile on the face of the accepting person, wouldn’t it make the heart airy?

If you receive a salary, plan a percentage for almsgiving and mandatory zakat, especially for those of you who are Muslims. In addition to the happiness of the world, you also get the happiness of the afterlife.

Financial issues that must be prepared before marriage

There are many couples who still do not realize, that marriage is a very long process, even for a lifetime. Therefore, the preparation must also be thorough. One of them is preparation regarding finances or finances.

Below, some financial issues that you and your partner must prepare, before you step into the field. For more explanation about this, see this discussion!

1. Make sure first, you and your partner already have income (Financial Plan)

Getting married, it’s not just about love. If you want a quiet wedding, then finances must also be prepared. Make sure, both you and your partner already have income. So, when you are married, you can be independent and no longer depend on your parents. Shame, huh!

2. Wedding budget

Even if it is simple, for example, without a party, just a marriage contract, it still costs money. Administrative expenses, plus a post-contract close family meal. Yes, after the contract just go home. Don’t be stingy!

Therefore, before you get married, make sure the money is prepared in advance. And as much as possible, do not rely on parents. It’s not the time anymore!

3. Think about the issue of where to live (Financial Plan)

Regarding where to live later after you get married, you also have to think about it in advance. Whether contracting or installments of the house. Or it could be, staying with your in-laws. Consider all the pluses and minuses, and surely, prepare the money.

4. Division of financial roles in the household

Make a deal first, how will the financial management be. Whether all household needs are borne by the husband, or the wife also contributes. And who is the financial manager. This is important, so that things like this do not become a source of dispute.

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5. Prepare an insurance fund (Financial Plan)

When you are at home, you can no longer be selfish. Especially for the head of the family. Prepare independent insurance, be it life or health insurance. So, when something unexpected happens, it will not make the family’s economic condition so broken.

So, of the various financial issues that have been discussed, is there something that you and your partner have prepared? Don’t ignore it, yes. Financial problems are indeed very sensitive in the household, because they can affect the sustainability of life in the household.

We have encountered many couples who end up separating just because of financial problems. Either because of a lie or because before marriage, he did not plan his finances properly and correctly. So just in case, you can follow the tips. Good luck!

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