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Want to visit the United States and travel to Las Vegas? There are many things to do in one of the biggest vacation spots in the country. But to get the full benefit of all the things this city has to offer, You need cash or at least some way to pay in local currency, and that usually involves exchanging your local currency into US dollars. How do you do a Money Exchange Las Vegas? Here are some options.

What are the Best Currency Exchange Locations in Las Vegas?

If you’re staying at a larger hotel, there’s a good chance it has a currency exchange desk. The problem is that once you calculate the exchange rate and the cost, it can be expensive. Therefore, as a general rule, avoid exchanging currencies at your hotel.

  • Important Points
  • The currency exchange desk at your airport or hotel may require you to pay a fee of more than 25%.
  • The exchange rates that casinos offer are sometimes very good and may be your best option.
  • It is a good practice to visit your local bank to get some cash before you leave your home country.
  • If you need to spend money while in Vegas, your debit card can be used at an ATM.
  • Consider using a credit card with a 0% foreign transaction fee.

Money Exchange Place, Las Vegas

At the airport

When you arrive at McCarran International Airport, or whatever airport you fly to, there will be a currency exchange┬átable that will be happy to help. Try not to let them: this is possibly the worst way to exchange money.You may pay more than 25% of the fee. Do not be fooled by unattractive “fees.” The exchange rate will be less than favorable, or the cost can be called something else.

at your hotel

If you’re staying in a larger hotel, there’s a good chance of finding a currency exchange desk. The problem: Once you assess exchange rates and fees, it can be just as expensive as an airport. As a general rule, avoid currency exchange at your hotel.

At the casino

Now we’re talking! If you plan to wait until you arrive in Las Vegas to exchange your currency, a casino can be a good option. The biggest casinos will gladly exchange your money for a fee. Vegas insiders say that often, casino rate offers are numerous and may be your best option. Why are exchange rates better, you ask? Because casinos fully expect you to throw your money at slot machines and at blackjack tables.

at your local bank

We recommend that you have cash before leaving the country of origin. You don’t need much, but having emergency money to cover situations when you can’t use a credit card is a great idea. You’ll probably pay the shipping costs along with the foreign exchange rate, but maybe it’s a better value.


If you need to exchange money in Las Vegas, your debt card will probably work at an ATM. The only problem is fees, but some banks have partner ATMs around the world where out-of-bank user fees are waived. You will only pay the fees that your bank charges. If you can find someone close to you, the cost is likely to be 3% or lower.

when you buy something

Most people will sometimes agree to pay for a credit card while on vacation and traveling abroad.There is no shortage of 0% credit card foreign transaction fees. Check your card requirements to see if your card charges a fee.

If yes, and you are going to be away for a long time or plan to travel abroad frequently in the future, consider looking for a card with a 0% foreign transaction fee. If your card charges a fee, it may be no more than 3%. (If so, get rid of it.) Even with the fees, using your credit card is probably the best way to pay.

How to Exchange Money in Las Vegas and Vice Versa

Las Vegas money exchange is actually not difficult, as long as you know how.

Well, below are questions and answers about the explanation of the article that you must pay attention to before you make the right decision to exchange money.

How do I exchange Las Vegas for another currency?

Both in Indonesia and abroad, you can exchange money from Las Vegas to other currencies or vice versa. However, most people prefer to exchange goods domestically because it is easier and provides more options, as well as being less expensive.You can visit a bank, airport, or money-changing service that has been licensed. If you are forced to exchange money abroad, prioritize using an ATM that has clear security.

Can money exchanged in Las Vegas be in the bank?

You can exchange money at a bank in Las Vegas, though the exchange rate is usually lower than at a money changer.Banks usually ask for papers such as ID cards and sometimes NPWP to confirm your identity.

Is it safe to exchange money at a money changer?

Exchanging money at a money changer is safe as long as they have official permission. Official money changers typically have permission from Bank Indonesia and display a licensed PVA logo on their premises.

What should I keep in mind before exchanging money in Las Vegas?

In order to get the best exchange rate, you should first research: which one has a high exchange rate? Is the rupiah exchange rate rising or falling today? If you are good at counting, also consider the difference in the rupiah exchange rate against two different currencies. If you want to exchange Rupiah for US dollars, you can first exchange them for Euros, and then exchange your Euros for US dollars if you want a high exchange rate.

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Is it necessary to consider the buying and selling rate before the Money Exchange Las Vegas?

If you want to get the best price, it’s a good idea first to check the selling and buying rates of your chosen money changer. Each bank, money changer, and other money changers usually have different exchange rates, so choose which one is most profitable for you. Well, that was a little bit of exposure about the Money Exchange Las Vegas. I hope it is useful.


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