Tips for Choosing a Tax Consultant

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Tax Consulting Firms play an important role in society. Especially for those who are facing taxation problems, as well as for anyone who wants to understand better tax regulations and laws. Because in practice, there are many people who do not know well the tax regulations in Indonesia.

But with a tax consulting company, someone will be more helpful in solving all forms of existing tax problems. In addition, for taxpayers who are busy and do not have time to take care of taxes, tax consultants can also help with this matter. Both individual and corporate taxpayers.

Tips for Choosing a Tax Consultant

On this occasion, they will be reviewed more clearly about tax consulting companies. Starting from the understanding, the task, to how to choose a safe and trusted tax consulting company. Come on, look at the end!

What is a Tax Consulting Company?

A tax consulting firm is a provider of taxation-specific consulting services to be able to help taxpayers solve their tax problems. This company has spread throughout Indonesia precisely in major cities. Until now, tax problems still occur because people do not care too much and have a fairly low awareness of fulfilling their tax obligations.

For decades, this tax problem in Indonesia has not been resolved. This makes the role of a tax consultant very important. People who want to solve tax problems such as making reports, paying taxes, to resolving tax disputes can be done more easily when using the help of tax consultants.

Characteristics of a Good Tax Consultant

But it should be noted, the public is looking for a tax consulting company must be careful. It is very important to find a good tax consultant, the characteristics of a good tax consulting company include:

1. Have a Practice Permit

A good consulting company is an official and legal one. Proof that the company is legal is a practice license issued by the DGT or the Directorate General of Taxes. Without the license, the consulting company’s performance is questionable. Usually, companies that are illegal in practice are more likely to commit violations of the law and also fraud against clients.

2. Maintain client privacy

Taxes are a fairly sensitive and personal issue. For that, it is necessary to find a tax consulting company that can maintain client privacy properly, especially tax data managed by related consulting firms. If the tax data is leaked there will be new problems that arise so that clients will experience difficulties and losses.

3. Providing the Best Solution

Tax problems there are many kinds, a good consulting company in addition to being a consulting place is also a party that helps clients in finding the best way out of existing tax problems. It is the responsibility of a tax consultant to think of a solution to his client’s problems. A good consulting company is able to read the worst situation and find the best solution so that clients are not harmed by tax problems.

Tax Consulting Company Fees

When it comes to cost, it is certainly expensive or not it is relative. Each tax consulting company has a different rate according to the policies of the company. But please note, things that can affect the price or cost of tax consulting companies are the services used by clients, as well as certifications pocketed by the company.

In the latest regulations for tax, consultant rates range from one million rupiahs to a range of 5 million rupiahs for private or individual clients. While for clients in the form of entities or companies the rates range from 2.5 million rupiahs to a range of 7 million rupiahs. It is all certainly adjusted to the services as well as policies of the relevant tax consulting firms.

But many also set or put up rates much cheaper and some are much more expensive. Usually, illegal tax consulting firms put up rates much lower than market prices.

While for those who are already famous, professional, and have many important clients will peg a little more expensive than the market price with a guarantee of service that will not disappoint. For that it is highly recommend for prospective clients to find out in advance at the beginning of the rate of the tax consulting company to be choose. If it is possible to be dinego and the price is adjust to the budget will be better. Be sure to ask for details of the tariff at the beginning so as not to happen unwant things relate to the payment of tax consultant fees use.

Tips for Choosing a Tax Consultant

How to choose a tax consulting company here also needs to be know. Considering that there are now more and more relate companies popping up throughout Indonesia. Not all existing tax consulting firms are now legal and official. Therefore, in finding and choosing a consulting company, you must be more careful. Here are some tips on choosing a tax consulting company that can be tried:

1. Find a Legal One

The main thing to consider when looking for a tax consulting company is to look for an official or legal one. Tax consultants who have a license to practice with the signature of the DGT (DIrektorat General of Taxes) are official and legal companies.

The license of the practice can be evidence that the relevant company is under the supervision of the DGT so that its performance will definitely not violate the rules. It is important for prospective clients to find an official tax consultant because it can reduce the risk of fraud and violation of the law.

2. Find one who belongs to the Tax Consultants Association

The tax association is a gathering place for all people who work as official tax consultants or have a practice permit from the DGT. With the membership in the association makes tax consultants have a good image and easier to trace their track record. Membership in the association makes it easy for prospective clients to find a tax consultant who suits his needs.

3. Pay Attention to Testimonials

In addition to looking for a track record from tax consultants, it is also necessary to find out opinions or testimonials from clients who have use the services of tax consultants. Every official and legal company certainly has an official website and social media. From both media, prospective clients can find out the testimonials of previous clients who have been assist by relate consulting companies. From the testimonials can be see whether or not the service of the consulting company.

4. Using Recommendations

Recommendations are the quickest way to be able to determine which consulting firms are trustworthy and have good service. When it is very confusing in determining which company to choose to help solve tax problems, the recommendation of friends or relatives will be very helpful.

Coworkers or relatives who have use the services of tax consultants can be ask for recommendations from trust consulting firms. This method is fairly effective because prospective clients do not need to do the selection of consulting companies around the residence.

5. Find a Budget-Appropriate One

Considering that tax consulting companies have quite expensive and diverse rates, it is necessary to do research first for prospective clients before determining a consulting company that will be use for their services. It’s good to determine the budget first to hire the services of a trust tax consultant at the beginning of the search process. If there is a clear budget, it will be easier to find the appropriate consulting company.

6. Pay Attention to the Work Ethic of the Staff

If it has indeed determine one consulting company, it’s time to look at the work ethic of the staff of the relevant consulting firm. How? Just come to the relevant tax consultant’s office and then get acquaint and explain the tax problems face. From this it can be see what the performance of the staff in the company. Starting from his honesty, how to provide solutions, and so on. If it is suitable cooperation can be continue but if you are still in doubt, it can be postpon first and look for other consultants.

In essence, finding a tax consulting company is not easy. There are many aspects that need to be considere carefully so that it is not until choosing the wrong tax consultant. If you choose a consulting company that is abal-abal then the risk of being expose to legal problems will be very large. Therefore, look for a trust tax consulting company, the way is to do research from various important aspects.

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Tax consulting firms play an important role in taxation issues in Indonesia. Without the help of the tax consultant. There will be many people or taxpayers who have difficulty in facing or solving the tax problem. The issue of taxes cannot be underestimate because the impact will be very large for both the State. And its people.

The problem of taxes that continue to increase will affect state revenues which eventually makes the people’s economy also disrupt. Therefore, it is urgently need the services of tax consultants to help the State reduce existing tax problems. For clients or the public themselves, tax consulting firms are very helpful in solving existing tax problems.

The role of tax consulting firms in the world of taxation is very important. Because it can help people more easily meet tax obligations and reduce tax problems in Indonesia. Choose a tax consulting company that is credible, understands and obeys tax law in Indonesia well. That way the tax problem will be complete smoothly. And safely without worrying about being entangle in the law or appearing unwant losses.

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