Get to Know More About Financial Planner

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For those of you who find it difficult to manage your finances, then the right solution for you to use is to hire a financial planner. Everyone needs to understand financial literacy. But, there are times when you need a financial planner to help you in achieving the financial goals you have made.

But, nowadays many people are not familiar with this profession. Even some of them consider financial advisor the same as financial planners. In fact, the two have several different things.

Get to Know More About Financial Planner

So, what exactly is a financial planner? What responsibilities do they have to accept? Well, in this article we will give an explanation of the financial planner in full, let’s read this article to the end.

Understanding Financial Planner

In the past few months, in Indonesia, there was a lot of talk about financial planners. Because many companies claim to be financial planners but many clients report the company because it is considered detrimental. This can certainly make people misunderstand and assume that financial planners are fraudsters.  Therefore, it is important for us to know what a financial planner is.

Reporting from the official Investopedia page, a financial planner is an institution or someone who has met the requirements to assist clients in achieving their financial goals.  While as reported in smart asset, a financial planner is a person who focuses on planning finances to help his clients in achieving their final goals.

Based on the above definition, it can be concluded that financial planners have a responsibility to their clients, they can be individuals, institutions, or companies. They are in charge of consulting clients to analyze the goals, risk tolerance, life, stages, and types of investments accordingly.

Later, from the results of the analysis, the financial planner will provide program planning that is able to help his clients in achieving their financial goals. The trick is to diversify investments that will later provide income in accordance with their goals.

In addition, as reported on the Business Insider page, good financial planners are those who will provide planning related to various aspects and financial situations of their clients. This includes planning investment strategies, taxes, retirement savings, small and large expenses, as well as residential planning.

In general, they will provide general financial planning. But, there are also those who do specialize in certain fields, such as planning investment funds and also retirement.

Financial Planner Responsibilities

As a financial planner, a financial planner has a great responsibility that he carries on his shoulders. This is because small errors in planning can cause a domino effect on clients’ financial problems. The following are the duties and responsibilities of a financial planner:

Analyzing Client Goals and Characteristics

Each client certainly has its own goals and characteristics. For this reason, the first thing they should do is to analyze the characteristics and goals of their clients. Both of these things will be the main reference in planning finances.

Evaluate the Client’s Financial Condition

After successfully understanding the purpose and characteristics of the client, they must be able to evaluate the client’s current financial condition. Some points that must be evaluated are assets, expenses, savings, income, installments, and various other needs.

From this, later they will know what has not been able to be done by their clients. The results of this evaluation will later be used as a reference in making their clients’ financial plans in the future.

Financial Planners Must Make Financial Planning

Their main responsibility of them is to make financial planning for their clients. The planning must be adjusted to the client’s current conditions and objectives. That is, they must bridge the client’s current financial condition with financial goals that will be achieved by their clients.

Delivering a Plan

After making a careful financial plan, then they will describe the financial plan that has been made to the client. This stage cannot be done in one direction but must be done in a diu direction.

For that, later a financial planner will ask for opinions and also the availability of Kilkenny. If indeed the plan will be considered unsuitable by the client, then they can change the plan based on the feedback given by the client. In a sense, the purpose of conveying this plan is so that the client knows the plan that will be done on his finances.

Help Execute a Plan

If the client has agree to the plan that has been made by the financial planner, then the time comes for the client to carry out the plan. At this point, a financial planner can help with several things relate to the plan, such as opening a new account, managing assets, or other things need by the client.

Supervise the Course of the Plan

When the financial plan has start to run, then their responsibilities cannot just stop. They should be able to supervise the course of the plan. If in the middle of the road there will be a problem, then they must help the client in overcoming the problem.

Financial Planner Type

Reporting from the Nerd Wallet page, there are three types of financial planners that you can choose according to your needs. Here are the three types of financial planners.


If you plan to make simple financial planning, then you can take advantage of Robo-advisors. Robo-advisors are financial planners that have been manage automatically by utilizing computer algorithms. Planning will be adjust to the financial goals that will be input by the client. In general, the cost of services that must be incurr using Robo-advisors is lower than other financial planners.

In-person financial planners

In-person financial planners, you can make an option if you need more complicate financial planning or over a long period of time. Because in-person financial planners are able to provide planning that is in accordance with real-time conditions.

Online financial planning services

Online financial planning services are a combination of human and robotic financial planners. You will get financial planning generate with computer algorithms. At the same time, you can also consult with soerang financial planner by phone, chat, email, or video call.

Required Certification

Basically, Anyone has the same opportunity to become a financial planner. But, you already have to pocket a special certificate that indicates that you are an official or professional.

To be able to become a financial planner in Indonesia, then you must take a class in Certify Financial Planner (CFP) Professional Degree program. This certification is even international in scale and issue by the Financial Planning Standard Board. In addition, this certification has also been recognize by the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP).

The Importance of Planning Finances

There are many reasons why you should immediately plan your finances, some of the reasons are the following:

  • Protect yourself and your family from a variety of possibilities and risks that will have a direct impact on your financial condition.
  • By setting the scale of your priorities and abilities, you will be more and more in debt. So that the debt burden can also be reduced.
  • When your age is no longer productive and the needs of life must continue, then you can rely on finances that have been plan from far away.

Pay for all the costs of the child’s needs in the future. One of the preparations that you have to prepare is the cost of your child’s cultivation. If you are able to prepare it from now on, then you don’t have to worry and confuse it anymore later.

Able to prepare all the children’s school fees up to the undergraduate level. Some of you probably won’t anyone think that a child’s current school fees are very expensive. If you can’t prepare it from now on, then you will definitely have a hard time.

Buy a vehicle and a house. Most of us would want to have a covete home, as well as a vehicle. By having the right financial planning, then you can fulfill your wishes without having to burden your family.

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Overall, it can be conclud that FInancial planning is not just preparing funds, but the greater purpose of it is to improve the quality of life for you and your family.

If you have found the right financial planner, and you have also got financial planning from them, then do all the planning seriously, do not forget also to continue to inform them about the financial planning you do. Good luck!

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