5 Common Functions of Online Business Manager Course You Must Know

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What exactly is an online business manager course? Before going any further, let’s get to know the following online business manager course. Imagine our family taking a vacation. To get there, shouldn’t we make a plan first?

Like, where are we going? What ride are we there? Where will we live? What are some things we will do while we are there? This cannot be answered if we do not consider the resources we have. But if we have made all the right decisions beforehand, we can continue the journey and have fun. This is called the function of the online business manager course.

5 Common Functions of Online Business Manager Course You Must Know

Management ability is absolutely necessary. The reason is, the online business manager course has many functions, both for yourself and the company. The following are the general functions of management.


planning or planning consists of a series of processes for setting company goals and as a determinant of strategy.


organizing or organizing is a series of the division of tasks to be carried out to the stage of developing the company structure.


Staffing aims to place staff or HR in accordance with their fields and potentials.


Directing or cool language is directing, which is an action aimed at trying to make company employees try to achieve company goals.


Supervision or controlling is useful as an assessor of the work that has been done by all employees.


What is an online business manager course?

The functions of management mentioned above provide an overview of the understanding of management training itself. In general, management training is the management of human resources (HR) which includes planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating.

Specifically, management training is an activity that focuses on improving individual skills as leaders and managers. Usually, training for employees is held several times and is specifically for workers as human resources in the company.

Why is an online business manager course indispensable?

It’s the same if we are in the company. Decision making and planning are necessary before undertaking work. Such as determining goals, planning what steps to take to achieve those goals, and organizing the necessary resources.

Because of course, this is important to have a positive impact on the world of work. Management is inseparable from the process of managing resources and also production factors. Therefore, in a company it is necessary to hold a management development program or better known by the abbreviation MDP.

Management training can be filled with training materials that emphasize soft skills, such as communication and empathy, which can make teamwork better. Because special management training is designed to help leaders and staff in perfecting basic management skills.

Thus, staff workers who have gained knowledge about management science and the benefits of management training, are expected to be able to set strategies and contribute. So that the company’s goals are easier and will be achieved properly.

This program is very good because it can strengthen the business by helping the effectiveness of the team in achieving its goals. HR training and development are also useful for improving overall company performance and productivity. That way, companies can increase deficiencies in sectors that are considered not optimal. The staff can be more optimal and responsible for the fields they handle.

Not only developing in terms of the work handled, with management training, staff can also develop their character so that they can build a pleasant team.

Improve Employee Skills with Management Training Program

One effective way to manage human resource training is through division training. Because the company does not know for sure the abilities of each employee. Does the employee master his field of work? Are employees not yet maximizing their field of work? Therefore, the company can immediately hold management training.

Well, online business manager courses are not only useful for knowing the abilities or skills of employees, but also useful for exploring and maximizing their potential. Together with ALC Leadership Management, in the topic of Maximized Your Potential, Boost Your Performance will help employees to build their achievements towards higher careers.

After all, if we never have a moment to supervise our employees, how can we measure our effectiveness as managers? We can use the management development program as one of the facilities to measure the effectiveness or failure of our work performance as employees or managers.

A good company can be seen from the quality of human resources. Therefore, qualified human resources become important assets and capital for the development of the company. If we are in ideal conditions like this, the company’s goals can be achieved easily, right? ‘

Online business manager course has many benefits, what are they?

There are several benefits that you can get as a staff when participating in management training and development. What do you think it is? Check out the details here, let’s go!

First, improving the quality of human resources.

As discussed earlier, companies need to improve the performance of each of their employees. You can create and develop a work plan appropriately. Then you can make a decision quickly. So that the working environment conditions can be stronger and more comfortable.

Second, prevent or reduce conflict.

Conflicts can arise from people who are less responsible in the completion of tasks. It can also occur due to lack of communication. Everyone has a different perspective on communicating.  Well, we will experience a decrease in team performance if we are not able to translate the way of communication of these different people.

Through online business manager courses, we learn how to communicate effectively that can affect many people. It is important for every employee to build good relationships in the work environment and prevent toxic employees.

We often wonder why it’s so hard to deal with so many perspectives in communicating. Is there a way that we can be good communicators and do it effectively? ALC Leadership Management has a leadership Effective Communication topic that will help you recognize the mindset and habits of a good communicator. So that we can practice it with colleagues so that our careers are getting faster.

Third, As an initiator in change.

Every company inevitably goes through many transitions and changes over time. Either the change is as small as hiring a new employee or as big as an acquisition. With an online business manager course, a leader will be successful to start adapting and managing change.

One professor from Harvard Business School said that “change is not an event, but a process”. The name process means we have to go through, right? If that’s not the case, the company will be stuck and will not develop.

Fourth, it also increases company productivity.

Through regular training, HR will be more productive at work. Staff are able to manage the company appropriately. Trained employees will be given the task of setting specific goals. That way, employees will know, here, what are their small contributions, and what is the big impact on the company. Company activities can run better and more structured.

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Fifth, more deeply understand the functions and duties as a manager.

The main goal of a manager is to be an effective implementer for his employees. The manager performs daily tasks as they should, however, his basic responsibility is to complete the work together with the employees. Management development programs (MDPs) can help us to understand more about the ins and outs of successful managers.

After listening to the benefits of online business manager courses in the Company, has your company run the training program? If so, how effective is it to do so?

ALC Leadership Management has an online business manager course program with a different approach. Training can be held offline or online. Some examples of MDP program materials that our clients like include Coaching & Counseling, Supervisory, Leadership Fundamentals, etc. Well, that was a little explanation related to the online business manager course. Hope it is useful.

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