5 Ways to Apply for a Business expansion loans for Your Business

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Business expansion loans are activities to enlarge or expand the business network of a company. Various ways to get expansion capital. This business expansion loans strategy also has a clear set of plans, actions, and goals that outline how the business will compete in a particular market.

Various approaches to deciding and executing a business expansion loans strategy.  Businesses that reach a stable growth phase are likely to consider carrying out a business expansion strategy. Expansion is the phase of a business that has achieved the desired growth and is looking for new openings to bring in additional profit streams. Business expansion is the activity of enlarging or expanding the business network of a company.

Why Should You Do Business Expansion Loans?

Business expansion loans can be triggered for many reasons, although they generally occur when your business is looking for additional options to generate more profit.

Expansion by Creating New Products

The company will concentrate on developing new products taking into account the proportion of existing value. The advantage of business expansion loans strategy by creating the latest diversified products is that it can increase sales. Including increasing sales to existing customers and becoming an attraction for new customers.

Expansion with Expansion into New Territories

Expanding into new locations or regions can be a profitable strategy for your business. Opening a branch in a new location can offer a positive financial boost to your business. Adding new branches can also increase production capacity and allow your business to reach new customers. Choose a location with a strong consumer base and existing services for your product.

Through expansion to a new strategic location can make you have a competitive advantage because you can stick the flag ahead of competitors.

Expansion with Business Cooperatives

This strategy requires cooperation with competitors who have the potential to build competition in the market. Working with competitors gives an advantage to both companies trying to gain an advantage in the same market.

This form of cooperation will generally provide operational efficiency as well as expand market potential for both competitors. Cooperation can be in the form of consolidation of business units (mergers or acquisitions), associations or strategic alliances, and joint venture partnerships.

Expansion into International Markets

If you see small expansion opportunities in the country, looking at foreign markets can be an attractive thing. This method involves the creation of new markets to offer business value by looking outside the nearest country.

Generally, for expansion into international markets can be done through a strategic approach that focuses on offering products or services in foreign countries without modification of differentiation.

5 Right Steps to Apply for a Business Capital Loan for your business expansion loans

Not a few of the business people are still reluctant to apply for business capital loans as additional capital. Complicated filings, high interest rates, and fears of increasing the burden on the business, are some of the factors that are most likely behind it.

In fact, if reviewed more deeply, business capital loans include productive debt. This means that when utilized optimally, this loan will be able to support the smooth running and expansion of the business.

Most importantly, applying for a loan credit is also not as troublesome as imagined. This thinking needs to be changed because some of these tips for applying for a business loan can be helpful.

Have a Mature Business Expansion Plan

Business expansion has a broad scope, ranging from increasing inventory of goods, increasing production capacity, opening new branches, to entering new markets and business fields. Therefore, before applying for a business capital loan to a financial institution such as a bank, first mature your business expansion plan, complete with future business prospects and which expansion side will be prioritized.

Thus, the direction of business development can become clearer and you as a business owner can convince creditors (lenders) because you already have a clear and measurable business development plan.

Keep Cashflow Running and Create Financial Statements

A business will not be able to develop without smooth cashflow or cash entering and leaving the business in a certain period of time. Maintaining smooth cash flow is not difficult. Next, record every business expense and income in detail then make regular financial reports. This is very important to help you manage your business cashflow well and maintain profit levels.

In addition, healthy cash flow accompanied by regular financial statements can increase opportunities to get business capital loans. The company’s financial statements are one of the documents that are generally requested by creditors in applying for a business loan.

Apply for Business Capital Loan as Needed

This question needs to be answered so that business loans are appropriate and can be utilized optimally. If business expansion is still small-scale and involves only one aspect, such as increasing the stock of goods, you can apply for a short-term loan with a nominal loan that is adjusted to the needs of the expansion.

So that when the target has been reached and the loan credit is paid off, you can apply for a loan credit again for the purpose of the next business expansion. However, if it turns out to involve medium and large-scale business development, you should consider applying for a larger business capital loan with a choice of longer terms according to business capacity (cashflow & profitability).

This is important to do so that the amount of loans and installments does not burden the company’s operational costs so that the business can still run smoothly.

Avoid Buying a Cat in a Sack

Avoid buying a cat in a sack by understanding inside and out regarding the information of the business loan product you want to apply for. The trick is to diligently find information and learn the terms and conditions of submission, then the interest rate, the type of interest rate. The choice of loan term, and the fees that will be charged.

In the digital age, doing this step is not difficult. The reason is, every credible bank or financial institution must provide product information, loan calculation simulations, interest rates. Administrative fees, as well as promotions and credit programs in detail on the official website. Another option, you can directly ask and consult with branch offices that offer these loan products.

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Complete the Required Documents

The expansion plan is mature. Cashflow and financial statements are okay. The amount of loan required is also certain. Even so, with information on business capital loan products, it is out of the head.

Now, it’s time to prepare the required documents. This last step cannot be underestimated considering that the bank. Or financial institution will definitely check the customer’s required documents carefully.

And, if these requirements are lacking or not appropriate. It is likely that the business capital loan application will be rejected. Therefore, it is mandatory for the law to complete the requirements in the form of documents, including:

  • Photocopy of identity documents such as KTP, NPWP, family card
  • Photocopy of licensing documents such as Business Certificate or Business Identification Number)
  • Financial reports and/or monthly purchase sales recap
  • Photocopy of account for the last 3 months

For business capital loans with collateral, collateral ownership documents are usually also required. Such as a certificate of a house / shop / warehouse and its IMB, vehicle BPKB, securities, or other assets. Well, that was a little explanation related to Business expansion loans. Hope it is useful.


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