Critical Event Lifecycle Manager Applications Manage everbridge

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A unified set of critical communications applications manage everbridge enables organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of critical events. Can be used as integrated clinical communications as a single application for specific critical plans, critical event notifications and incidents, or in combination to manage some or all parts of the process.

Manage everbridge features

Below are some manage everbridge:

  • Multi-Model Critical Event and Crisis Communication Platform
  • Single unified platform, multiple communication apps, secure instant messaging
  • Fast & easy to implement, with a user-friendly interface
  • Open integration with existing systems & single sign-on
  • Definitive roles and administration rules for platform users
  • 24/7/365 Live technical and operator support
  • Store crisis plans on mobile and in the cloud
  • Secure important mobile messages, remote wipe, message expiration
  • Scalable, resilient & redundant infrastructure with 99.99% uptime.
  • Integrated GIS mapping with unified contact data

Benefits of managing everbridge

  • Dramatically improve response time and stakeholder engagement during any incident
  • Target communications by organization, department, role, location & expertise
  • Target bulk notifications to specific stakeholders, not devices
  • Automated communication process saves valuable time &; eliminates errors
  • Auditable reporting and analytics for incident communications and events
  • You lead critical communications and updates, not social media
  • Improve organizational resilience and compliance in emergencies
  • Save the cost and complexity of multiple integrations and data sources
  • Simple ‘press to join’ conference call capabilities
  • Your business continuity and disaster recovery plan goes mobile

Resource independence

As part of empowering our commitment to 99.99% availability, Everbridge leverages elastic infrastructure to accommodate high call volumes using multiple redundant phone providers and dynamic call routing algorithms to redirect calls to the least congested providers. Our unparalleled dedicated infrastructure, combined with our Elastic Infrastructure, provides global scale, speed, and unlimited durability without having to purchase dedicated lanes or ports.

Other protections in the supplier network

Everbridge’s security and data protection policies and controls are base on the FISMA risk management framework define in NIST special publication (SP) 800-37. An independent and accredited third-party security assessment firm verifies Everbridge’s compliance with NIST SP 800-53 (Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations).

This verify compliance allows Everbridge to map our compliance with other security and data privacy frameworks including ISO 27001, ISO 27701, HIPAA, and HITECH. Everbridge also complies with the SysTrust Statement on Standards for Attestation Binding No. 16 (SSAE 16) and Service Operations Controls 2&3 (SOC 2&3).

Resiliency approach

The Everbridge system is designed to provide a true zero-point-of-failure system. To provide a unique architecture, Everbridge uses multiple data center locations in each of our production implementations.

Data is continuously replicated between each data center location in a given production implementation, and each data center site can provide a variety of Everbridge services. If service is interrupted in one of the data centers, all traffic is dynamically routed to the remaining data centers so that the Everbridge system remains available to all our clients.

Every data center site is designed with full redundancy from top to bottom. Dual network uplinks feed dual routers, fully fused with dual load balancers, which secures the front-end network with tight control.

Each server tier is grouped using a combination of highly customized, secure, high-performance, and scalable database solutions, which enable real-time load balancing and failover between nodes, and provide easy scalability to meet increasing demands.

Configure and change management approaches

Everbridge maintains a formal system development lifecycle policy covering application development, testing, security verification, and detailed change management procedures. This policy is implemented to ensure secure development of code and application features, to test and verify all developed features, and to ensure smooth rollout to Production environments without degrading our clients’ access or use of the notification platform.

Vulnerability management approach

All development undergoes peer review, integration testing, and acceptance testing, and the entire application and infrastructure is include in regular internal vulnerability scans and assessments. In addition, any changes at any level of Everbridge infrastructure must adhere to Everbridge’s well-defined change management process.

Social Values

Fighting climate change

Climate Change is driving an increase in extreme weather and natural disasters globally. Everbridge provides data-driven indicators and communications software to unlock resilience by helping identify risks at hyper-local levels. Warn people about extreme climate threats, and mitigate loss and damage to governments and businesses.

Everbridge supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 13 and 17 by bridging the last mile of the Hydromet chain for public safety organizations. Aiding international organizations’ efforts to ensure that ‘by 2025 all countries have the capability for effective and authoritative emergency warnings.’

Everbridge has been using a proactive sustainability strategy for the past eight years. As early adopters of in-office programs that leverage professional environment best practices, our sustainability efforts include:

  • Recycle paper, cans, bottles, and paper products;
  • Use of water filters in all rest areas to encourage the filling of reusable bottles compared to providing bulk bottles or individual water bottles;
  • Distribution of cups and cups of coffee and reusable cold drinks to each employee tailored to their name for individual identification and use;
  • Placement of work areas in strategic settings to make the most of natural light as possible;
  • Timer on the light system with motion sensors to ensure the lamp is use only when need and turns off automatically when not in use;
  • Use of LED lights throughout the building;
  • An active “eRead It” program that encourages employees to read. And edit documents whenever possible on their computer screens and avoid printing as often as possible;
  • Use of plants throughout the office to serve as natural air filters and provide containers for unused water in glasses before the end of the day;
  • With our latest corporate move, Everbridge specifically selected a LEED-certified building.

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Tackling economic inequality

Along with a passion for Everbridge’s mission, its customers. And each other, Bridgers enthusiastically gives back to the nonprofits and communities they serve. The company’s technology and pro bono stewardship have support organizations including the CDC Foundation. Boston Marathon, Team Rubicon, Cradles to Crayons, Habitat for Humanity, Wrap Up London. LA Food Bank, Union Rescue Mission, and others.

Recently, Everbridge has begun offering volunteer organizations, charities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs). And Ukrainian local government resources a free critical communication platform to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Everbridge mobilize with other technology leaders to provide organizations with a reliable means to share risk intelligence and communicate life safety updates.

And that’s a brief explanation of managing everbridge. Hope it is useful.

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